Six Degrees Challenge: To Beal

to The Challenge: I made the connection from Kellie Martin to Matt LeBlanc in 3 TV Degrees. If Beal can do equal or better by the end of today, she gets 10 Points, with an extra 5 points if she stays out of Kellie's vast "Made For TV" Movie library. If YOU, the reader, can... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Television Thanksgivings

Sure, spending Thanksgiving around a giant table with your closest friends and family and gorging yourself on unreasonable portions of dead bird, stuffing, noodles, mashed potatoes and cranberry is lovely, but wouldn't you rather celebrate such a holiday with a group of strangers? Especially when those strangers have glib conversations with one another, exchanging witty... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Samantha Newly

Show: Samantha Who? Character: Samantha Newly Played Oh-So-Winningly By: Christina Applegate In a Nutshell: There are two Samantha Newly's, actually. The first is who Sam used to be-  the selfish, bitchy, cutthroat 30 year-old vice president of a real estate company who lives to torment the little people who deign to live at her feet.... Continue Reading →

Six Degrees Challenge: To Judi

Six Degrees: NTO Style to Camryn Manheim The Challenge: I made the connection from Kirk Cameron to Camryn Manheim in 3 Degrees. If Judi can do equal or better, she wins 10 points + 5 bonus points IF she stays within the confines of television. If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: “You Are Not My Father!” Moments (Continued)

5.  Andrew Lawrence to Joey Lawrence in Horse Sense - Disney Channel Original Movie - November 20, 1999 So fine, Andrew Lawrence doesn't actually utter "You're not my father," but the meaning is all the same AND I've been dying to mention Horse Sense since this blog's inception. In a classic diluted-rich-kid-learns-the-meaning-of-hard-work SLASH hardworking-poor-people-are-about-to-lose-the-family-ranch plot, little... Continue Reading →

Great Moments #14

Show: Will & Grace Moment: I'm sorry. I know there are people out there who think Will & Grace suffered from Too Many Guest Stars Syndrome but any use of Sandra Bernhard is ok in my book. I'm also such a sucker for any time Grace attempts to sing.

Character Spotlight: Stephanie Tanner

Show: Full House (1987-1995) Character: Stephanie Tanner Actor: Jodie Sweetin How Rude!: What an unfortunate turn of events for Ms. Stephanie Tanner. She was without a doubt the most ADORABLE child actor on television in the late 1980's, and she had the dimples, the blonde ringlets and the sassy one liners to prove it! She... Continue Reading →

Six Degrees TV Challenge: To Beal

Ok, Beal. You asked for it. "Six Degrees"- NTO Style to The Challenge: I made the connection from Judith Light to Joely Fisher in 3 Degrees. If Beal can do equal or better, she gets 10 Points. If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it in the comments before Beal posts her answer... Continue Reading →

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