Character Spotlight: Barney Stinson

barney_8091by Judi

Show: How I Met Your Mother

Character: Barney Stinson

Played By the Legendary: Neil Patrick Harris

In a Catchphrase: Barney Stinson likes women. He likes women, cigars, making up rules about life, catchphrases, sleeping with women, hitting on women, having and being a wingman, working at Goliath National Bank, being awesome, and suits, which he wears all the time, even to bed (his silk suit-jamas, which is one of my favorite made-up-words of all time).

Barney comes from good stock. Well, his mom was basically a giant slutsky and that, combined with a bully in seventh grade who once claimed to have slept with 100 girls, leads us to the Barney we know today.

Why We (Wait-for-It) LOVE Barney: Oh, Barney. Sweet, lovable, masochistic Barney. He will do ANYTHING to successfully pick up a woman at MacLaren’s, even dressing up like an old man and pretending like he’s come from the future to tell a pretty girl to sleep with his younger self, and then running away, changing into his “younger” self and hitting on her. How can you not love that?

Our sitcom-friendly maniacal genius loves playing pranks on his friends, digging up humiliating secrets about them and, basically, telling them that, whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it wrong. He’s shameless and he’s got to have at least five STDs by now (having slept with over 200 women) but it’s CBS so I’m guessing the closest they’ll come is saying, “Barney’s come down with a case of the crab cakes.”

How much do we love Barney? Ordinarily, sitcoms cherish the old “these two friends finally get together/Ross & Rachel” storyline and for a while, we all dealt with the ramifications of Barney falling for Robin and then her falling for him right back. The relationship ended on last night’s episode, culminating in Barney stepping back into the bar (after playing out the majority of the episode in a fat suit, his relationship pudge) as a suited-up single man, ready to get back to work. And? It was awesome. To quote Bridget Jones, we love him just as he is.

Barney Catchphrases:

“Suit up.”

“Legen-wait for it-dary”


“High-five!” (This list makes him sound like Long Duk Dong)

“True Story”

Favorite Moments:


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