Hoarders: The (2nd) Most Awful Show on Television

by Beal

I don’t mean “awful” like The Nanny is awful, I mean “awful” like “THE SECOND (I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant is still worse) MOST DISTURBING SHOW I’VE EVER SEEN!!” What the hell is wrong with these people? I watched the premiere several months ago and blocked it from my memory. This A&E program, which airs after Intervention on Monday nights, takes a similar approach to a behavioral problem as it’s predecessor. Two HOARDERS are presented and described, we meet their families and then a trained professional comes in to help them. EVERY one of them resists the help. MOST of them are facing foreclosure or eviction, yet they still cannot part with garbage and shit (they are literally unable to throw away fecal matter and trash, repeat, these people SAVE shit).


Last night I was having a little trouble falling asleep aka I was in the mood to channel surf until my eyes closed themselves. I watched some reruns and some talk shows, a bit of an informercial and then got sucked into Hoarders. I can’t even wrap my brain around this show, specifically the affliction for which it sheds light on. Compulsive hoarding is one modern crazy “disease” that I will just never understand, and I refuse to be sympathetic towards it. Sorry if that sounds cold but,  THROW IT AWAY ALREADY! Large crews of men with dump trucks come into a person’s home for a routine cleaning and these whackjobs cannot part with 25 year old pill bottles, rotten pumpkins or a blanket their child once napped with. Meanwhile the “professional” sent there to assist in stabilizing the hoarder mentally prevents any and all progress of the cleaning because she doesn’t want to upset the crazy pack rat, who insists on TOUCHING every item before it is saved or thrown out (saved). Here’s a thought: this person is going to be HOMELESS and lose EVERYTHING if their house is not cleaned up within the alloted time. Explain that to them and then get to work! Throw everything out that’s toxic (which is MOST of their shit) and let them hyperventilate. For one, it prevents them from becoming a hoarding hobo but more importantly, it makes for much a much more emotional (ahem, entertaining) hour. I mean, if they’re going to exploit these people for entertainment anyway, might as well do it right.

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  1. Does collecting acorns and then crying for days when said acorns are disposed of without the owner’s permission make one a hoarder??

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