Six Degrees TV Challenge: To Beal

Ok, Beal. You asked for it.

“Six Degrees”- NTO Style

Judith Light


Joely Fisher
Joely Fisher

The Challenge: I made the connection from Judith Light to Joely Fisher in 3 Degrees. If Beal can do equal or better, she gets 10 Points. If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it in the comments before Beal posts her answer to the bottom of this post, YOU get a prize. Yes, I will actually mail you something awesome. (I’m feeling confident because Beal is reeeeally hard to beat at this game)

The Rules: No IMDB, no Google searching, no Interwebbing of any kind. It’s all stored away in the Vault of Useless Knowledge.


Challenge Accepted: This one was actually a little bit difficult. As I could only think of about two things either Judith Light or Joely Fisher have EVER starred in. And I couldn’t for the life of me think of who co-starred with Judith Light in that disturbing Lifetime movie where she keeps her wheelchair-bound husband captive in their house for her own sick pleasure.

Result: Tie. I too connected Judith and Joely in three degrees:

1.  Judith Light starred in Who’s the Boss with Alyssa Milano

2.  Alyssa Milano starred in Melrose Place with Marcia Cross

3. Marcia Cross starred in Desperate Housewives with Joely Fisher

From Judi: Well-played, Bealtown. My path was Judith Light starred in “Who’s the Boss” with Katherine Helmond (Mona) who played Debra’s mother on “Everybody Loves Raymond” with Brad Garrett (Robert) who now stars with Joely Fisher on that horrible FOX sitcom “‘Til Death.” Also, for all our male readers, her photos on Google are especially boob-tastic, I have no idea why. Let’s blame Jeremy Piven.


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