Character Spotlight: Stephanie Tanner

Show: Full House (1987-1995)

Character: Stephanie Tanner

Actor: Jodie Sweetin

How Rude!: What an unfortunate turn of events for Ms. Stephanie Tanner. She was without a doubt the most ADORABLE child actor on television in the late 1980’s, and she had the dimples, the blonde ringlets and the sassy one liners to prove it! She was the undisputed “cute factor” in the family-est sitcom that ever existed. That is, until the Olsen twins acquired verbal skills and she was reduced to the awkward, unnoticed middle child with a knack for doing the right thing!

Some Love: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. NO OTHER television character elicits the cringe factor quite like Stephanie Tanner. Perhaps it’s because as a child I readily identified with Stephanie because we were the same age, middle daughters, spunky and had several of the EXACT SAME Spumoni outfits (it also didn’t hurt that my sister sort of resembles Candace Cameron) and so every time she did something super lame (which was a dozen times per half hour) I was forced to dry heave and hate myself for the remainder of the program. THAT SAID, I still LOVE Stephanie Tanner [for her dance moves alone]. Seriously, before she straightened her hair, and lost her lisp, she was the greatest thing on television.

Favorites/Things I Can’t Watch Without Dying Inside: OOF! With a capital OOF! Like I said, this bitch could make a corpse cringe. Still, how could you not LOVE the episode when Stephanie goes to junior high and whilst in the bathroom gets “peer pressured” into smoking? How much cooler would she have been if she would’ve just taken a puff or two? It’s cool though, because a few months later Gia befriended her anyway, and they started a SUPER RAD Ace of Base cover band that blew their set at the Smash Club, because they were too caught up in the image to worry about “the music.” Cripes! Some actual favorite moments though, are no doubt from the early years. Particularly when Stephanie had the chicken pocks and tried to sneak out of the house or when she had that dream about everyone loving Michelle and D.J. more than her and she got to fly around the living room in that pink space suit. Oh, and also when she is a guest on Joey’s Mr. Egghead show, and she gets punched in the face.


2 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Stephanie Tanner

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  1. No mention of the telethon episode?! Or the one when she decides to become a “professional” dancer and then quits because it’s “too hard” (which, hello, every middle child knows that a Gold Medal or an appearance on Star Search is pretty much the only way you’re going to get the attention you deserve.)

    As for the episode when they “lose” Mr. Bear, I’ll have more to say on that at the end of the week now if you’ll excuse me there’ssomethinginmyeye.

  2. I can’t believe it has taken you this long to spotlight this nugget. I cannot see this gal without thinking of you. Sisters forever?

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