Six Degrees Challenge: To Judi

Six Degrees: NTO Style


Camryn Manheim

The Challenge: I made the connection from Kirk Cameron to Camryn Manheim in 3 Degrees. If Judi can do equal or better, she wins 10 points + 5 bonus points IF she stays within the confines of television. If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it in the comments before Judi posts her answer to the bottom of this post, YOU get a prize. Seriously, something terrific will show up on your door step within one calendar year.

The Rules: No online research allowed. ESPECIALLY IMDB!! Come on, it’s a GAME, half the fun is PLAYING not CHEATING. Any and all research conducted at your local library is accepted and encouraged. Connections through television AND movies are accepted, relationships are not.

Challenge Accepted (Judi): Oh, Beal. You little minx. At first, I was intimidated by the relatively small TV rosters for Manheim and our own Mike Seaver. But you should’ve known better than to start with a Cameron. Here’s how I did it:

Kirk Cameron guest-starred on his little sister’s show Full House

Candace Cameron- who could either be 10 or 25 in this photo

who shared Full House screen-time with Gia, aka

Marla Sokoloff

who was also a Series Regular as Lucy on The Practice with

Camryn Manheim
From Beal: VERY nicely done there, Judi. A television aficionado you are! I went a different route, and used a movie. I went with, Kirk Cameron starred on “Growing Pains” with Matthew Perry, who starred in “Friends” with Lisa Kudrow, who starred in “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” with Camryn Manheim. Before I thought of that, I went Kirk in “Growing Pains” with Joanna Kerns, who was in “Knocked Up” with Paul Rudd who was in “200 Cigarettes” with Janeane Garofalo who was in “Romy and Michelle” with Camryn Manheim. We have entirely too much spare time. Can’t wait until next week!

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