Character Spotlight: Cody Lambert

Show: Step by Step

Character: Cody Lambert

Actor: Sasha Mitchell*

Duuu-uuddde: Wow. Could there be a greater stock “mimbo” (Seinfeld anyone?) than Cody Lambert, Frank (Patrick Duffy) Lambert’s misbegotten nephew on the TGIF family classic Step by Step? This guy is ridiculous!! Basically a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle personified, this twenty something, awkward arm moving, weird step taking moron lives IN A VAN in his uncle’s driveway. That’s right. He lives in a van. In his uncle’s driveway. He’s dimwitted at best, but, BUT never hesitates to teach the whole clan (or the guys at the lodge or AMERICA) a heartfelt moral lesson, but never without the overuse of early 90’s catchphrases.

Ch-Yea!: Can you believe this guy was a former Calvin Klein model? Seriously THIS GUY was a Calvin Klein model. I guess he is pretty attractive, but because Dana so steadfastly rejected his advances, I, as a home viewer, was forced to relate to her, and be absolutely disgusted by his being–in reality, I’m an Al, but that would make Cody my cousin, I’ll leave it at that. Now, that said, imagine that you’re the mother of TWO “beautiful” teenaged daughters. (One of which who could not look LESS like the entire rest of your brood). At any rate, you marry a hot contractor, and your families blend. Would you or would you not allow your new husband’s creeper, blockhead nephew to take up residence in his rock & roll van in your driveway? AND make daily passes at your underage daughter? Food for thought.

Seriously, DUUU-UDE: What? So I love me some Cody Lambert. Perhaps it’s because the thought of owning a vehicle I could live in still intrigues me, but also because he totally embodies everything the 1990’s  had to offer, including black jeans and open flannels. “Chhhh-yyyeaaaah” was his response to nearly anything, and do you remember his facial expressions? I wish you could see me looking at my screen right now, because they’re DEAD ON! Look super dumb and confused about the simplest request/comment, quickly change face to utter delight, laugh like a stoner heartily, say something like “totally,” “rad,” “no waayy,” or any combination thereof.

*Ready to have your mind BLOWN? This guy is 42 years old now. FORTY TWO!!!!


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