Six Degrees Challenge: To Judi

Six Degrees: NTO Style

Peri Gilpin


Tina Yothers

The Challenge: I made the connection from PERI GILPIN to TINA YOTHERS in three TV degrees. If Judi can do equal or better, she wins 10 points + 5 bonus points IF she can do it without the use of EITHER Yother’s most well-known TV role OR Gilpin’s most well-known TV role.

If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it in the comments before Judi posts her answer to the bottom of this post, YOU get a prize. Seriously, something [less terrifc than Judi would send] will show up on your door step within one calendar year.

The Rules: No online research allowed. ESPECIALLY IMDB!! Come on, it’s a GAME, half the fun is PLAYING not CHEATING. Any and all research conducted at your local library is accepted and encouraged. Connections through television AND movies are accepted, relationships are not.

Challenge Accepted (Judi): I pretty much broke every rule here. While I do NOT get the five bonus points (I can’t for the life of me think of a Tina Yothers vehicle, other than Family Ties, that does not involve the words VH1 and Where Are They Now?) and may not even get the regular 10 points because I’m using a movie, I am so proud of myself for this one that I don’t even care. Seriously, it involves one of my FAVORITE Michael J. Fox movies EVER and, so, I will forsake points for its mention.

Peri "How Many '90s Cliches Can I Cram Into One Look" Gilpin

was in Frasier (the only other PG role I could remember was that TV movie she did with Teri Polo) with

John "I'm INCARCERATED, Lloyd!" Mahoney

who was, memorably, The Management in Burn Notice which stars

Gabrielle "This wild heart can NEVER be broken- am I right?" Anwar

who was in For Love or Money (!!!!) with Michael J. Fox

Michael J "I already HAVE a middle name, dumbass" Fox

who clearly starred in Family Ties with

Tina "5 Points If You Could Guess What Drug I Turned To After the Show" Yothers

I don’t even care that it took me FOUR degrees AND I used a movie. Any excuse to throw in For Love or Money is a solid excuse, in my opinion. Can’t wait to see what you had with, Beal, if only for strictly educational purposes.

From Beal: I went the guest star route, although, a multi-episode arch, guest starring route. Peri Gilpin starred in “Frasier,” in which Felicity Huffman appeared for eight episodes. Huffman starred on “Desperate Housewives” with guest star Justine Bateman (four episodes), who starred on “Family Ties” with the lovely Tina Yothers. Alternate route (which I researched after the fact): Peri Gilpin starred in the MFTVM “Women of a Certain Age” with Heather Locklear (when it comes to TV, Heather Locklear IS the Kevin Bacon btw) who starred in “Spin City” with Michael J. Fox who starred in “Family Ties” with Tina Yothers. And although I applaud your brazen use of John Mahoney, I cannot award you any points. Better luck next time.


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