Character Spotlight: Blair Warner

Show: The Facts of Life

Character: Blair Warner

Played By: Lisa Whelchel

Oh, Blair: Spoiled rich kid Blair was my FAVORITE Facts of Life character and so, I will not BESMIRCH (best word ever) her divine character. Too much. Because she really was basically a spoiled cow.  Oh, and kind of a huge bitch. I mean, in the first episode she basically calls her housemate Cindy a giant les-bo (which, today, who cares but in ’79-’80, this was kind of a big deal), referring to her as “not normal” which, Blair, you’re 14 and you wear fur coats. Let’s re-think this whole idea about NORMAL, shall we?

As the show progressed and the focus moved to the four girls (Blair, tomboy Jo, precious Tootie, fat Natalie) and their relationship with Mrs. Garrett, Blair softens. Um, a little. She’s in her early 20s by the time the show ends and I think it’s obvious from the multiple “touching” (re: unintentionally hilarious) reunion specials that she’s affectionate for the other girls, despite her delusions of grandeur. I’m sure she thinks they give her street cred or something.

The Blair Love Project? (what has happened to me): I do, I love Blair. I love her. Of all the girls, doesn’t she seem like she’d be the MOST FUN to play? She can be catty, mean, vain and then just vulnerable enough about her parents’ divorce that you can momentarily forget that she does things like acting like a bitch to her cousin with cerebral palsy just because she gets more attention. And her fights with Jo (who reminds me more and more of a young John Travolta. I mean, right? Not attractive) were EPIC. Throw in a few “very special episodes,” and we’ve got ourselves a show. You take the good, you take the bad…

Some Sweet Blair Moments

Apparently the episode where Blair is a blackjack dealer on a cruise ship?

I mean. Come on. This whole episode is fantastic.


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