Six Degrees Challenge: To Beal

The Six Degrees Challenge: I’m not going to lie. I am out for BLOOD. And I need to even the scorecard here. If Beal can get

from Jack McBrayer

to David Boreanaz

in 2 TV degrees or less, she will be awarded 10 points. And if she can make the 2 degrees WITHOUT using McBrayer’s current series regular role on a popular NBC comedy (I said I was out for blood, dammit) or film, she gets a bonus 5 points. And, as always, if you, the reader, can beat Beal to the punch and do it in 2 degrees or less, without using McBrayer’s current series regular role on a popular NBC comedy, you will be awarded an AMAZING prize. (It’s seriously amazing, I’m SO proud of it.)

The Rules: No IMDB, no Google searching, no Interwebbing of any kind. It’s all stored away in the Vault of Useless Knowledge. Connections through television AND movies are accepted (unless stated in the challenge regarding points awarded) but personal relationships are not. I do not care if Kimora Lee Simmons banged both David Boreanaz AND Jack McBrayer, it does not count as a degree. (Note: She did not, as far as I know, though if she did, I’m pretty sure I would’ve watched that reality show of hers.)

I’ll admit defeat now: And go ahead and take this opportunity to absolutely cheat. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that SNL hosting gigs do not count as a degree, but being that you’ve finally STUMPED me, I’m using one anyway. That said, I still only did it in four degrees.

1. David Boreanaz starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

2. Who appeared in THIS INCREDIBLE SNL SKIT with Will Ferrell.

3. Who starred on SNL with Tracy Morgan/Tina Fey.

4. Who star in 30 Rock with Jack McBrayer.

Yay! Vindication! After my depressing show over the last two weeks, I’m back with a VENGEANCE. And now, the result- after some consideration, I’ve decided to allow the SNL skit on the grounds that SMG was playing a character (and you’ll see why I made this decision when you see my answer to the challenge below), in which case- the SNL link stands (Talk show appearances as themselves would not). However, this was still done with 4 degrees and Beal used 30 Rock so no bonus points either.

For the record, here was my answer:

Jack McBrayer was a recurring bit performer on Late Night with Conan O’Brien where he worked with Andy Richter who guest-starred on Bones with David Boreanaz. And with the 30 Rock link, Andy Richter played Mitch Lemon on the show as well as guesting on Bones.


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