Brittany Murphy

There have been a lot of half-hearted tributes to Brittany Murphy, who died yesterday at 32 of cardiac arrest (apparently, natural causes which makes me want to go out and buy a treadmill, stat), and it’s time to get something out there once and for all. Everyone seems to be under the impression that Murphy just kind of appeared, out of nowhere, as Tai on Clueless and then moved on to star in other movies that I love that normal people think are absolutely terrible (cough-Just Married-cough).

This is not the case. Devoted TV lovers like myself saw Brittany pop into celluloid 1995 and did a little happy clap. “The girl from The Torkelsons (and a dozen episodes of Sister Sister as a WILD CHILD) is in a MOVIE!” we whispered to our slumber party girlfriends, who rolled their eyes at us and went back to inhaling popcorn, too busy imagining what it would be like to have Alicia Silverstone’s hair to care about a show that lasted approximately ten episodes (actually 13, according to IMDB. And of course, in my memory, this show was on for years so go figure). Even as a child, I was so ahead of my time…


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  1. I LOVED the Torkelsons! I watched the show when it was syndicated on the Disney Channel. It definitely had more than 13 episodes….and Wikipedia confirms it:

    It was 13 episodes as “Almost Home”, but a full season before that as “The Torkelsons”. I was a big devotee of the Disney Channel after-school lineup in the 90’s…

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