Top Five Fridays: Snow Related Plot Devices (continued)

5. Roseanne "It's No Place Like Home for the Holidays" December 15, 1992 What in the hell kind of snowstorm hits so suddenly and instantly that adults in vehicles CANNOT travel mere miles across town to spend Christmas together? I mean, Judi and I know was well as anybody about the harsh Illinois winter, but... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Snow Related Plot Devices

Oh, snow. You crafty bastard. Always using your wiles in the most inconvenient ways. You show yourself at the most inopportune times, blanketing our fake towns in fluffy white mush (that is CLEARLY not real snow), stranding our favorite fictional characters in cars and cabins and forcing dramatic, and sometimes hilarious, confrontations. You are cold,... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Veronica Mars

Show/Character: Veronica Mars Played By: Kristen Bell Why Are We Talking About Her Today: Because every time I'm on Facebook, I am BOMBARDED with ads and polls and videos for her latest movie When in Rome which, frankly, looks terrible. I, the lover of all romantic comedies, would honestly rather watch that Sarah Marshall classic... Continue Reading →

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Conan's final message from The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. "Before we end this rodeo, a few things need to be said. There has been a lot of speculation in the press about what I legally can and can't say about NBC.  To set the record straight, tonight I am allowed to say anything I... Continue Reading →

YES! Burn Notice Returns Tonight

Sweet, delicious joy! The only kind of joy directly related to cable TV shows. First Leverage and now Burn Notice is back on USA, starting tonight at 10/9c. By the end of winter, I am going to be one kick-ass spy/thief. All I'm sayin'. 

Great Moments #17: Roseanne Takes David In

Show: Roseanne Moment: Ok, ok. I'm cheating here. There are three great moments here, crammed into this seven minute clip as Roseanne responds to David's request to live with the Connors instead of his verbally abusive mother, hair teased within an inch of her life. 1) "Oh, I am in this now." Roseanne responding to... Continue Reading →

Six Degrees Challenge: To Beal

to The Challenge: I made the connection from CHEVY CHASE to RASHIDA JONES in three TV degrees. If Beal can do equal or better, she wins 10 points + 5 bonus points IF she can avoid the use of anyone who worked for Dundler Mifflin. If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it... Continue Reading →

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