Six Degrees Challenge: To Beal

Chevy Chase


Rashida Jones

The Challenge: I made the connection from CHEVY CHASE to RASHIDA JONES in three TV degrees. If Beal can do equal or better, she wins 10 points + 5 bonus points IF she can avoid the use of anyone who worked for Dundler Mifflin.

If YOU, the reader, can do better AND post it in the comments before Beal posts her answer to the bottom of this post, YOU get a prize. Seriously, something genuinely awesome will show up on your door step within one calendar year.

The Rules: No online research allowed. ESPECIALLY IMDB!! Come on, it’s a GAME, half the fun is PLAYING not CHEATING. Any and all research conducted at your local library is accepted and encouraged. Connections through television AND movies are accepted, relationships are not.

Challenge ACCEPTED: AND tied. For a minute there, I thought you had mean, I kept circling from Rashida Jones, back to Rashida Jones, via Paul Rudd, at any rate, here’s what I came up with. . .

1. Rashida Jones stars in Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler.

2. Amy Poehler starred in Baby Mama with Steve Martin.

3. Who starred in Three Amigos with Chevy Chase.

(I’m allowed to use movies right?)

Oh, Beal. Sweet, precious Beal. The magic connection we were looking for here was John Oliver, Daily Show correspondent. Rashida & Ed Helms in The Office to John Oliver to Chevy Chase, his co-star on Community.


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