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DVR Check In

In order of recording:

Girl Meets World (1 ep, new): I text my 13 year old niece while we watch this show. She’s coming to visit this summer and we’re going to binge-watch my favorite Boy Meets World and I’m not saying that a television show is responsible for the close bond I’m forging with my niece but what I’m saying is television is amazing and miraculous and perfect.

Cougar Town (9, reruns): I don’t know why I can watch the first 3 seasons of this show on endless repeat. I need help. This is the fourth time I’ve watched it. The TBS seasons (4 and 5) are garbage but the first 3 are golden suns on the Scrubs planet.

Key & Peele (20, reruns): I will, no joke, probably watch all of these over the course of the weekend and then 20 more will stockpile over the week and I’ll watch those too. My current theory is that there is a Key & Peele for every occasion. Which should give you an idea of how much I bring up the show at work.

The Pioneer Woman (19, reruns): I will delete all but 2 and the cycle will start over.

Inside Amy Schumer (2, new): This season was just not that good. It’s bumming me out so these will probably sit on my DVR for another 3 weeks.

Bob’s Burgers (11, reruns): I will watch all of these within 24 hours, obsessed.

Bones (1, new): Yes. I’m still all in. This show is 11 years old and unrecognizable from its first few years. Bones might be the closest thing I have to a child. And I have a dog.

Maya & Marty (1, new): Watching now, as I type. I have a few missions in life but “honoring the work of Martin Short and Maya Rudolph” is on that list.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen (12, reruns, jesus): I will delete 11 of these.

Conan (1, new): I will look online to see if anything was funny enough to be on the Internet and then fast-forward to that part on TV because I’m secretly a terrible person.

UnReal (1, new): The only reason why I didn’t watch this immediately is because I’m savoring these episodes like they are gold-dusted cupcakes filled with edible diamonds.

Community (4, reruns): I will read the descriptions and likely delete 3 of these.

That’s half the list. Oiy.

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Hi. It’s been 6 years. I just reread some recent posts and while I largely agree with Me-From-6-Years-Ago, I want to address something now. [Deep Breath] 6 years ago, on one of our Friday lists, I named Clair and Cliff Huxtable as my #1 TV couple. Obviously, this was before it sunk into our consciousness that Bill Cosby has a long and pretty consistent history of abusing women. So this entry must be unfortunately removed. But the rest of my picks still stand, Joanie & Chachi forever. (Even though Scott Baio is unhinged- you know what, scratch that, I regret everything.)

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