A Marvelous New World

mrs maisel

I just finished the first episode of what can be an amazing new show, one that you might never hear about or get to see.

It’s been 7 years since Beal and I wrote anything on this site, give or take, and that’s how good television is now – a polished, high-concept show (50s housewife becomes a stand-up comic) with killer pedigree (Gilmore Girls Amy Sherman-Palladino) and fantastic writing (see previous aside) and an appreciation for Lenny Bruce (!) may never see the light of day. Amazon certainly isn’t promoting it. I didn’t even know the show was out yet and, trust me, if it’s about television, I will read about it. The sheer fact that the show is stellar isn’t enough when there are dozens, maybe even a hundred, stellar shows on prestige cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. To get to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (admittedly a tough title, Amy) I had to sift through episodes of VEEP, Catastrophe, The Americans, Aaron Sorkin’s last hit show, SJP’s first hit show and shit, a show with Christina Ricci about Zelda Fitzgerald that could warrant a similar post to this one.

There is just so much to talk about now. And so much to watch. And so much to fall in love with, only for it to never see the light of –

Oh, wait. Two seasons! Another sign that this is 2017- a network doesn’t need ratings or an audience to invest in quality content. Whew. That was a close one.



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