It’s Time


Seven years ago Next Time On went off the air, or the Internet, or well, it was still on the Internet, it just wasn’t updated. Times were good. Obama had the wheel. We both moved a few times and got jobs. We both got dogs, which everyone knows are like a full time job–all the napping, treat delivering and Instagramming of. What I’m trying to say, is that we didn’t NEED television. Yes, we still used it (a lot) and our correspondence was still primarily television related, but we didn’t use prime time offerings like the crutch we once needed to; then some shit went down. In 2017 America, we neeeeeeed television, fictional, entertaining, brain deadening, distracting, television. We need Carlton to dance, Dawson to cry, Bailey to have another drink. We need Stabler and Benson to define teamwork, Bobby Ewing to come back to life, Sophia to attempt a get rich quick scheme and Don to throw Peggy a bone. We need a group hug from the Tanner family. It is with that sentiment that we boldly return to the blogosphere, the noblest of hobbies, to provide you, our one reader, with fresh reading material.

May it feel like Bob Saget’s arms around you. Bada dah dah DAH da!


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