Twin Peaks Returns


Can we talk about this real quick? First of all, when this comeback/reboot was announced two years ago, I was THRILLED. . . and then I forgot about it. Where was the hype? At some point David Lynch, king of the surrealistic hyper reality backed out, and then all of a sudden last Saturday, my Instagram feed was full of Twin Peaks fans coming out of the wood work, so I watched the first episode.

I hate the phrase “mind fuck”. . . but seriously, are you fucking with me, Showtime? What. the. what??? What is happening? I can’t decide if I am intrigued, or annoyed that I have almost no clue what is happening, and to who. Who are these people? I mean, fine I am hooked, but I need to know how in the hell all these people are related to Twin Peaks (the town, not the show) and how Laura Palmer is both dead and not dead more than I need the mysteries established in the first episode to be solved. Also, Matthew Lillard? I haven’t seen him since his amazing guest performance as Carol Burnett’s lover on SVU, but he seems maybe like an okay actor. It is really hard to tell when the dialogue is so peculiar that discerning whether someone can’t act, or has been told to deliver lines like that is impossible.

Super pumped that Agent Dale Cooper is back, but inexplicably different, as well as Deputy Hawk, Laura Palmer, Log Lady, Dr. Jacoby, and LUCY! But, really hoping that Sheriff Truman (which one?), Bobby, James, Donna, Audrey and Nadine make an appearance or most importantly the little person in the red suit in dream land. . . in the mean time at least give me a scene in the Double R Cafe.


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