Summer Binge Report: Get Your Glow On

Playing House, Season 3 (USA): Oh man. How happy was I to discover all 8 episodes of the long-awaited third season is On-Demand right now? Pretty happy until I got to the episodes where Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair wrote St. Clair's real-life cancer scare into the season; then I was happy and quietly... Continue Reading →


T5F: Underrated Performances

Regina King and Carrie Coons' performances on The Leftovers got us thinking about other criminally underrated performances. 5. Michael Cera as George Michael (Arrested Development) Sometimes, I like to imagine what it was like casting Michael Cera for this show. It had to be a no-brainer, right? "Oh. This is the kid. This is the kid."  He's so... Continue Reading →

Random TV-Related Thoughts …

... I've had over today. Should I watch American Gods? How can I even see it? How do I get Starz? Is it Stars or Starz? Ugh, never mind. Watching TV this way is fucking exhausting sometimes. (I will have this thought every time I see an ad or a recap or a pic from... Continue Reading →

Summer Binge Report

Completed: The Leftovers is done! I DID IT. 28 episodes in six days. HBO free trial has been cancelled and I'll keep my money uh thank you very much. All-around, a terrific show. Everything I've heard about it is accurate- the first season was a bit of a drag but the second and third seasons contain some of... Continue Reading →

T5F: Summer Bingers

We here at NTO like warm weather as much as the next guy, but there’s a certain mark on the mercury stick where it makes more sense to shut the blinds and crank the AC and binge your favorite program than to try to pretend you enjoy outdoor activities like some kind of bug swarm.... Continue Reading →

T5F: What to Binge This Summer

5. True Blood, Seasons 1-7 – Amazon Prime  Here's my list for a summer binge: at least one show needs to really feel like summer. On this list, it's True Blood. It's set in Louisiana so it always feels steamy, unseemly and just a little bit sticky (must be all the dried blood). It's campy and dramatic and visually... Continue Reading →


The reality of watching TV in 2017 is the panicked, "I only have six days left of my one month free trial of _________ which means I need to watch ___ seasons of _________ and I'm not sure it's possible." (Spoiler alert: it's always possible. Maybe not Doctor Who or The Simpsons but everything else... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Vulture, for this video, which reminded me that Charmaine was on an episode of VEEP. Thank you.

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