The reality of watching TV in 2017 is the panicked, “I only have six days left of my one month free trial of _________ which means I need to watch ___ seasons of _________ and I’m not sure it’s possible.”

(Spoiler alert: it’s always possible. Maybe not Doctor Who or The Simpsons but everything else is possible. Call in sick to work or school! Don’t sleep! Pee in a bowl! It’s called dedication to your craft.) 

In my case, it’s HBO, I have, um, 14 episodes of The Leftovers left to watch, in 3 days, before my free trial disappears (look at that. Early into Season 2 and I know enough to make jokes now.)


A few observations if you’ve seen the show:

  • It is absurd to me, completely unbelievable, that absolutely no one sees fit to comment that the Chief (Justin Theroux) is the most gorgeous human being they’ve ever seen. Truly. George Clooney on ER levels of attractiveness. Like, really? No one? No one notices this? Because it’s borderline obscene. I have to look away at times, like an eclipse:


  • Is the Season 2 theme song designed to make me wish I was sucked up by the rapture? Because mama hates it.
  • The Perfect Strangers thing, alone, makes me love this entire world.
  • I’ve forgotten how sublime Amy Brenneman is, as an actor. Couldn’t handle Judging Amy, despite my devotion to the Daly family. But man, she is good. And I don’t mean this to sound trite or condescending but being able to see the age lines criss-crossing across her beautiful face is giving me life.
  • Andie MacDowell’s daughter is on this show. She’s… fine. In a Lily Collins, all-these-brunette-starlets-children-of-stars-look-the-same kind of way.


  • It’s pretty good. I may lose an inch of my sanity trying to watch so much of it in the next three days but, you know, dedication.

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