T5F: What to Binge This Summer

5. True Blood, Seasons 1-7 – Amazon Prime 


Here’s my list for a summer binge: at least one show needs to really feel like summer. On this list, it’s True Blood. It’s set in Louisiana so it always feels steamy, unseemly and just a little bit sticky (must be all the dried blood). It’s campy and dramatic and visually fun to watch, perfect for late summer nights when you just want listen to beautiful people with deep Southern accents (some better than others. Looking at you, Paquin) being chased by horror and magic and having some pretty hot sex.

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Seasons 1 & 2 – Netflix

This show has the words “turn off” stamped all over it and that bums me out because it’s such a smart, funny, well-executed show. Oh, you don’t like musicals? You think it’s “unrealistic” for people to burst into song? What if those songs are really, really, really well-done and actually all part of the titular heroine’s emerging psychosis? And what if that seemingly troublesome title was actually masking some pretty enlightening feminist commentary wrapped up in a fun, bubbly package? Or what if I just promised you it’s really, truly entertaining?

3. The Leftovers, Seasons 1-3 – HBO Go


I mean, I’m only 2 seasons in, as I admitted yesterday but, come on, look at that face! Other reasons to binge: it’s only 3 seasons and 28 episodes, so a totally manageable task; it just ended so it’s still really buzzy at the water cooler (do people still talk about stuff at the water cooler?) and that face! Worth mentioning twice!

2. Riverdale, Season 1 – Netflix


Listen, don’t dismiss teen shows out of hand. Teen shows have given us some of the most iconic pop culture moments of the 21st century, after all. And I admit to being wary about The CW’s latest Riverdale, being a dorky kid who had a pretty sizable Archie comics collection and worried how it would translate to a modern audience. But I had nothing to worry about. The show’s visual style is trippy – set in modern day with a pulpy, ’50s soda pop aesthetic that weirdly, confoundingly works. It’s a moody noir mingled with classic teen soapiness, with nostalgia galore (Skeet Ulrich! Luke Perry! The kid from Big Daddy as Jughead!) It’s fun and strange and worth texting my 14-year-old niece about, that’s for sure.

1. GLOW, Season 1 – Netflix


Haven’t seen this yet but it’s on my list, for sure. The reviews are in and it’s supposed to be great, which thrills me. Summer’s here. Let’s hit the ring.


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