Summer Binge Report



The Leftovers is done! I DID IT. 28 episodes in six days. HBO free trial has been cancelled and I’ll keep my money uh thank you very much. All-around, a terrific show. Everything I’ve heard about it is accurate- the first season was a bit of a drag but the second and third seasons contain some of the most enthralling, stellar episodes of television I’ve ever seen and I watch a lot of television. Bonus points for putting a beard on Justin Theroux and setting him on a white stallion in season 3; honestly, at that point, it just felt cruel. 

Double-triple bonus points for casting Regina King who dominated the entirety of the second season and reminded me that I really should update my Regina is Our King #1 fan site. (Okay, that’s not something I own but it’s a very solid idea.) Sprinkle in one of the Doctors (both Matt-centric episodes were standouts), Carrie Coon’s wrenching portrayal of badass Nora Durst, the bizarre tie-ins to Perfect Strangers, a very unsettling appearance by Kathy Geiss and a good old-fashioned lion-themed orgy and you’ve got yourself one hell of a week. I just wrote “A+, not that it matters” on a notepad and I’m holding it up for you, The Leftovers, right now.

What’s Next:

I’ve seen some of the reviews for Netflix’s GLOW, enough to know it’s worth a watch so that is next. Also going to check out Claws on TNT because it looks right up my alley.



2 thoughts on “Summer Binge Report

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  1. I made it 20 minutes into Claws before I turned it off. It just didn’t grab me. But I keep hearing rave reviews about Glow so I plan on watching that one soon too.

  2. Crap, really? Good to know. I feel like it’s hard with new shows though, some need more time than others to get their footing. Killer pilot episodes are pretty rare.

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