Random TV-Related Thoughts …

… I’ve had over today.

Should I watch American Gods? How can I even see it? How do I get Starz? Is it Stars or Starz? Ugh, never mind. Watching TV this way is fucking exhausting sometimes. (I will have this thought every time I see an ad or a recap or a pic from American Gods.)

Am I ready to forgive Ryan Murphy yet (for Nip/Tuck, Glee) because I kind of want to watch the next season of American Crime Story but I don’t want to get hurt again

Ryan Murphy looks like Gunther from Friends

Ryan Murphy looks like someone sucked the soul out of Anderson Cooper

Ryan Murphy looks like this terrible creep from Will & Grace (oh shit, he died in January, now I feel bad)

I can’t believe Beal hasn’t seen Will & Grace.

When is Will & Grace coming back? (Sept. 28)



2 thoughts on “Random TV-Related Thoughts …

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  1. Several things: 1. Beal hasn’t seen Will and Grace? I may have to rethink our relationship. 2. American Gods is on Starz, it’s odd. I’ve only watched the first two episodes. But you can add Starz to your Amazon Prime account if you don’t want to add it to cable. But if you’re going to get Starz I’d suggest watching Power because Omari Hardwick is gorgeous and it’s a really good show.

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