Binge Recommendation: Accepted

Kevin arrives on foot and has a discussion with Mayor LucyI watch The Golden Girls every night. I have watched The Golden Girls every night for at least a decade. I crawl into bed, turn on my girls and chuckle quietly until I am overtaken by slumber. Last night? I HAD to watch The Golden Girls, to try to reduce the number of nightmarish things my brain was going to cook up after viewing the pilot episode of The Leftovers. 

First things first: it is good; I like it. But it did give me a pretty unsettling dreamscape. Second, Judi is 100% right in her observation of Justin Theroux as perhaps distractingly attractive. Maybe a townsperson should just say, “He’s oddly attractive for a small town chief of police,” and then we could all nod in agreement and move on. Thirdly, this show gives me that feeling, TV junkies know it, when the mystery is laid forth and you think, “Yea, I have to see how this plays out” because the characters are immediately interesting, the writing is above average, and there is just enough going on that my brain is in overdrive trying to connect the pieces: the vanishings, the dogs, Wayne, the dreams, those twins, that baby shoe, the smoking people in white, Liv Tyler etc. etc. I truly appreciate a show that takes its time with a backstory, so the viewer can be rewarded with big and little revelations as the show continues.

Finally, this better not be some Lost style garbage, wherein the writers establish five hundred mysteries that I’m desperate to understand, only to end in a bullshit purgatory cop out that leaves too many loose ends for me to comfortably trust television for two to five years. (Did Judi already say this? #greatminds) That said, Justin Theroux might make it worth it, as he is roughly a thousand times prettier than Charlie Salinger.


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