Binge Report: The Leftovers

I just finished season one of HBO’s The Leftovers. Why aren’t people talking about this??? It is like, reeeeeally good. Justin Theroux. Let’s talk bout him for a minute. I’m actually not really sure where he came from. Like, all of a sudden he was around, but I knew little of his work. Mention his name and most people think “Jennifer Aniston’s husband” but I prefer to think of him as “CLOSE FRIEND of Amy Sedaris.” I honestly don’t think I’ve seen him in anything else, but let me assure you, he’s better than Brad Pitt, both looking and acting. #teamjenforever

At any rate, I finished season one and I highly recommend the program. Some thoughts I had, during, and after viewing the first ten episodes:

  1. Cults don’t seem so bad: outfits are all one color, not like a jump suit; all you have to do is smoke cigarettes all day and not give a fuck.
  2. Justin Theroux’s eyebrows are probably what Peter Gallagher and Larry Hagman think their eyebrows are.
  3. Nora Durst is awesome.
  4. Jill’s friend Amy was in “Bully” on SVU.
  5. I HATE Matt.
  6. I LOVE Matt.
  7. Cult’s are scary and I’m sorry I ever thought it was okay, I just wanted to hang out with Liv Tyler.
  8. If all the G.R. wants is for people to remember. . .then why did they fuck with the remembrance day parade?
  9. Tommy, you need to give up on Wayne.
  10. The fake bodies. No. No. No. No.
  11. Oh good, Wayne can save Chief.
  12. I feel sad about the dogs. I want dogs. Oh good, dogs.
  13. How can this POSSIBLY end in a positive way? Hellfire!
  14. Wait. . . is this a happy ending?!?!?! I think I feel happy.
  15. I need to start season two as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Binge Report: The Leftovers

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  1. This binge makes me SO HAPPY. Also good point on #8. Obviously I agree about JT (he’s now the only JT that matters to me, suck it JT’s wife aka Jessica Biel aka the wrong Biel/Beal, Beal is the only good Beal.)

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