2017 Viewing Goals

IMG_9542The year is half over and I feel like I’ve accomplished so little in the realm television viewership. Highlights include completing Big Little Lies in less than a week, two seasons of Love, three seasons of The X-files, and two seasons of Shameless. Okay, so maybe I’ve wasted more time staring at the glow box than I realized. Still, now feels like a good time to set forth some goals for the second half of 2017.  In no particular order, I present the series/shows on my shortlist:

1. The final two seasons of The X-Files

2. Handmaid’s Tale

3. The Leftovers 

4. Twin Peaks: The Return

5. Orange is the New Black season 4

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3



One thought on “2017 Viewing Goals

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  1. Great idea! My own goals/binge schedule, just for the summer…

    July: Finish “Grace & Frankie”, “Master of None”, catch up on Netflix’s new stand-up specials,

    August: Finish “The Americans” and “Riverdale”, rewatch “Cheers”

    September: “Stranger Things” (I know, I’m super late on this)

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