Binge Report: The Leftovers S2

Oof. I think that was as hard as I’ve binged anything since Big Little Lies. Like, I’m not sure if I showered this week kind of binging. On with it. . . A list of thoughts for season two:

  1. Is this just some Fight Club shit? There’s the Pixies song–which I LOVE the use of an instrumental version mixed with the Pixies version–and the sleepwalking/insomnia  different personality thing.
  2. Regina King, seriously, so so good. Like you’ve come so far since 227. “I thought hurricane season was over!”
  3. Carrie Coons. Also. Great. Great work.
  4. Finally, Laurie speaks. . . but is dumber about life than I had hoped.
  5. Tom: Just get a friend or something!!
  6. John is terrifying.
  7. Virgil better not be a, oh he is, okay. Ugh.
  8. Matt, you’re still the worst. Like, I was rooting for you, but eventually you have to just stop. I sort of hope you get punched now. Sorry, I do.
  9. What did Meg’s mother say?? WHAAAAAT??
  10. How does one person take care of a paralyzed, comatose woman and an infant? In what seems to be a screened in porch. I call bullshit.
  11. Iris Dement theme song? YES!the-leftovers-season-2-jarden-texas.jpg

One thought on “Binge Report: The Leftovers S2

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  1. Yes and yes and yes! So happy you can now share my rage about this show being shut out of the Emmys this year.

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