About Time

I’ve been in this on-again, off-again relationship over the last few years. When we started out, it was just a hook-up and I wasn’t entirely sure if it was right for me but I stuck it out. And then things got pretty hot and heavy for a while there. But somewhere along the way, we drifted apart.

I mean, look, we were in love once and there’s still a lot of fondness there; I just didn’t know where it was all going. Were we on the same page? Were we evolving together? These things are important to know! I’m changing every day, man. I want my relationships to change too, in a positive way. Apparently that matters to me, a lot. I need more than just a pretty face.

All of this to tell you that I just got a message from my ex.

You guys … I think we’re getting back together. For real.



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