Everything is Terrible Let’s Talk About TV

1. Or look at pictures about TV. Mike Denison is drawing a picture of Bea Arthur every day for a year (again). DHZN96bW0AI0trw.jpg2.  Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later is now on Netflix. It is, as expected, completely ridiculous and has crammed so many movie parodies into it, that it’s frankly impressive. Bonus points for Paul Rudd’s grunge look, Marguerite Moreau for truly never aging, this fall by Michael Showalter, any seen with Elizabeth Banks, any scene with Chris Pine, any scene with Christopher Meloni’s crazy eyes, and Alyssa Milano perfectly channeling every Lifetime movie she’s ever been in.


3. Tiffany Haddish publicity tour. Our new Jennifer Lawrence publicity tour. Our new Carrie Fisher publicity tour (RIP Carrie Fisher). We are all Stephen Colbert gazing at Tiffany Haddish with relief and pure joy.

4. This Galaxy Quest TV news.

5. Vulture’s Real Housewives of New York recaps. (Luann, who JUST announced her impending divorce that none of us (all of us) saw coming, is at the reunion IN A WEDDING DRESS. YOU GUYS.)



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