T5F: Shows You Can’t Miss Now

5. Star Trek: Discovery I’ve made no secret here about my love of Trek, so I’m pretty excited about this new venture. What I can say after watching the first two episodes is that it’s…not too bad so far. That may sound like faint praise, but my favorite Trek series, The Next Generation, started off... Continue Reading →


T5F: Shows You Can’t Miss Now

5. The President Show - Comedy Central, 2017 - Present I don't think I need to explain myself with this one. It will also explain almost every selection on my list. 4. Blackish - ABC, 2014 - 2017 There are two network shows on my list because despite what everyone says about cord-cutting and Netflix,... Continue Reading →

As Days Go By…

You guys. The cast of Family Matters reunited for Entertainment Weekly and I'm tearing up over here. My thoughts, in no particular order: Everyone looks amazing. I LOVE THOSE COLORS. This reminded me how much I love Reginald Val Johnson WALDO FALDO. I screamed. Richie! "Who is th-.... oh my god." Forgot Eddie existed, not going to... Continue Reading →

Is This The Cutest Thing Ever?

I think it might be! (Joey Tribiani voice) ‘Friends,’ the Sitcom That’s Still a Hit in Major League Baseball - New York Times When he returns home from the stadium, Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Freddy Galvis often gets into bed and watches reruns of “Friends.” Even though Galvis, 27, is from Venezuela and grasped English late in... Continue Reading →

2017 Emmy Rundown

Various thoughts and musings: When Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda went off on Trump and Dolly Parton squirmed uncomfortably between them, I hid underneath my couch and have yet to emerge. Can't decide if I love it or hate it- Jessica Biel's retro look: Positive that I hate it: Sarah Paulson's puffed sleeves nightmarescape. Why... Continue Reading →

Review: The Orville

Synopsis: Four hundred years into the future, 40 year old Ed Mercer (Seth McFarlane) finally gets to captain his own space ship. Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5 stars) Reason: This show, which looked absolutely ludicrous in the trailer, is actually pretty solid. A science fiction comedy drama, the hour-long show certainly sounds original, but... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows That I Just Can’t

These range from a show I haven't even watched to shows I was into for multiple seasons then bailed on. So, the title could almost be T5F: Shows That I Never Have or Just Probably Won't Anymore: 5. Black Mirror I love sci-fi and dystopian fiction, so I should have fallen head over heels for... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows that I Just Can’t

  Walking Dead AMC 2010 – present Let me begin by saying, genre-wise this show just isn’t going to attract me. I can appreciate a good [read: bad] horror movie or ten around the Halloween season, but I just can’t get into the zombie fad. I guess I don’t think they are interesting, or that... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows That I Just Can’t

Look, I tried. I really did. 5. Mad Men - AMC (2007 - 2015) I actually think I did pretty well with this one! I was in it for a while, maybe through season 5... let's just say I didn't last longer than Don's marriage to Megan. But it was tough. I remember the feeling of seeing... Continue Reading →

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