Beal & Judi
Beal & Judi- Contrary to what you might be led to believe, this photo was NOT taken in England. This is an old photo.


Updated with 2017 commentary.

This site is about TV, old TV and new TV. Don’t complain that there’s nothing good on because there is ALWAYS something good on. You’re just being lazy. You just want Obama (sigh. Trump. Donald Fucking Trump.) to walk into your living room and pick something for you. That’s just lazy.

In order to enjoy TV to the fullest, you need to appreciate certain things such as the ’80s, sitcom shenanigans, Mark Paul Gosselar’s face-and-body morphing over time, that ding in the middle of Law & Order, just how many spin-offs they can make of Law & Order, endless discussion around why they would keep SVU and cancel the TENTPOLE Law & Order nevermind SVU is still amazing, the USA Network in general, Lifetime’s shockingly quality original programmingmovies, and the art of the cliffhanger.

This site is written by Beal and Judi. They both live alone (oh wow. Big update needed. Judi lives with a dog and is happy so don’t send her any messages that start with “have you tried online dating…” and Beal is now married with child and dog.) and prefer to keep it that way (sole control of the remote) (Judi stands by this statement. Beal has been forced to rescind this statement because love). They both watch copious amounts of TV. At the moment, the economy is in the toilet (eh, it’s fine) and TV is cheap, aside from the monthly cable fees (oh wow. So much has changed.). Their friendship is pretty much based on the fact that no one else wants to talk about good Roseanne episodes. (This turned out to be untrue because they’re bringing Roseanne back to TV! LOVE WINS.)

They’re hoping this site will make a gazillion dollars so they can prove wrong all those people who smirk about them not being able to make a living by watching TV. (This is still our hope.)

If you don’t like TV or claim to not own a TV, please leave. We’re serious. Just go, you’re not welcome here. And while we’re on the subject, don’t come back. People like you ruin everything. You’re also not as interesting as you think you are and you make for a TERRIBLE first date. And, for the record, we like to read too- it IS possible to do both, you know.

That’s all. Oh yeah, sometimes we’ll talk about old movies too. (And by “old” I mean 1980’s).


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