T5F: Summer Bingers

We here at NTO like warm weather as much as the next guy, but there’s a certain mark on the mercury stick where it makes more sense to shut the blinds and crank the AC and binge your favorite program than to try to pretend you enjoy outdoor activities like some kind of bug swarm.... Continue Reading →

T5F: Greatest Episodes of All Time cont.

5. “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” The X-Files Season 3, Episode 4 – October 13, 1995 This episode was written by Darin Morgan’s magic pen. Fans of the show will recognize him as the writer of several of the greatest, and most critically acclaimed episodes of the show including “Humbug,” “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space,” and... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows that Deserve a Reboot

First of all, let me say, that because the TV Gods have heard my prayers four of my favorite shows have already been rebooted. This list would most certainly include Roseanne, Dallas, Twin Peaks and The X-Files had they not already returned, or slated to return. Also, while the reboot of Dallas was disappointing on... Continue Reading →

Wednesday What I’m Watching: LOVE

Love on Netflix (seasons 1 and 2) had been in my watch list for awhile, I just never felt like committing what I assumed would be a sort of off-brand Girls. As part of the Apatow Universe, it does share some of the same appeal as the HBO hit, but is actually much more nuanced. It... Continue Reading →

Twin Peaks Returns

Can we talk about this real quick? First of all, when this comeback/reboot was announced two years ago, I was THRILLED. . . and then I forgot about it. Where was the hype? At some point David Lynch, king of the surrealistic hyper reality backed out, and then all of a sudden last Saturday, my... Continue Reading →

It’s Time

Seven years ago Next Time On went off the air, or the Internet, or well, it was still on the Internet, it just wasn’t updated. Times were good. Obama had the wheel. We both moved a few times and got jobs. We both got dogs, which everyone knows are like a full time job--all the... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: Favorite TV Couples

5. Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell No other couple exemplifies the early 90's quite like Zack and Kelly. Whaaaaat was going on here? Sometimes they were dating, sometimes she was dancing with older men at The Attic, and sometimes Zack was secretly making out with Lisa in her bedroom (what a bitch!).... Continue Reading →

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