One Year Later: A Tribute to Female Rage

Lindy West has a pretty rad op-ed in The New York Times this week, in response to Uma Thurman's amazing non-response to the avalanche of sexual harassment and abuse allegations in Hollywood over the last few weeks. It's about women who are brave enough to show their anger and I am here for every word, as I... Continue Reading →


Stranger Things Stunt Casting Wish List

Recently, I abided Beal's request to finally finish watching the first season of Stranger Things. In typical fashion, I waited until the week of Halloween, binge-watched 5 episodes over two days, and then started season 2 just when Maine was hit with a 20 year storm that knocked out my power for the last four days.... Continue Reading →

Me Talk Phyllo One Day*

*My favorite joke from the first two episodes of Amy Sedaris' new show At Home with Amy Sedaris. Out Magazine calls it a cross between Martha Stewart and Pee Wee's Playhouse which is a perfect description. I have no idea if any of her crafting/cooking ideas actually work (Amy's attempt to demo a baked potato boat... Continue Reading →

No Wife, No Problem

CBS, the network determined to champion the values back from when America was "great." ie real Americans ie "if you're over 70 and voted for Trump, we're here for you! At least until you all die and then we are royally fucked!" ie none of our new shows starred a female protagonist this year oops,... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows You Can’t Miss Now

5. The President Show - Comedy Central, 2017 - Present I don't think I need to explain myself with this one. It will also explain almost every selection on my list. 4. Blackish - ABC, 2014 - 2017 There are two network shows on my list because despite what everyone says about cord-cutting and Netflix,... Continue Reading →

As Days Go By…

You guys. The cast of Family Matters reunited for Entertainment Weekly and I'm tearing up over here. My thoughts, in no particular order: Everyone looks amazing. I LOVE THOSE COLORS. This reminded me how much I love Reginald Val Johnson WALDO FALDO. I screamed. Richie! "Who is th-.... oh my god." Forgot Eddie existed, not going to... Continue Reading →

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