Summer Binge Report

Completed: The Leftovers is done! I DID IT. 28 episodes in six days. HBO free trial has been cancelled and I'll keep my money uh thank you very much. All-around, a terrific show. Everything I've heard about it is accurate- the first season was a bit of a drag but the second and third seasons contain some of... Continue Reading →

T5F: What to Binge This Summer

5. True Blood, Seasons 1-7 – Amazon Prime  Here's my list for a summer binge: at least one show needs to really feel like summer. On this list, it's True Blood. It's set in Louisiana so it always feels steamy, unseemly and just a little bit sticky (must be all the dried blood). It's campy and dramatic and visually... Continue Reading →


The reality of watching TV in 2017 is the panicked, "I only have six days left of my one month free trial of _________ which means I need to watch ___ seasons of _________ and I'm not sure it's possible." (Spoiler alert: it's always possible. Maybe not Doctor Who or The Simpsons but everything else... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Vulture, for this video, which reminded me that Charmaine was on an episode of VEEP. Thank you.

Is Alias coming back???

Next year I'm getting my ass to the ATX Festival. Showrunners just teased the possible return of Alias: “It would be amazing to do it,” co-executive producer Josh Appelbaum said of a possible new season. “We’ve even talked with J.J. [Abrams].” Vulture (Although "talked with J.J." could be anything. A text? An email? A drunken... Continue Reading →

T5F: Ultimate Episodes We Love

The theme this Friday is ultimate episodes... basically, the episode of a show that is both exceptional on its own and completely embodies what the show is all about. There are fantastic episodes of television that I've enjoyed that work in part because the show took a huge risk and stepped outside of itself for... Continue Reading →

Required Reading: DTMTBD Oral History

Big news day! I'm talking about Buzzfeed's investigative journalism. Their piece, an oral history on the cult classic Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead is required reading this week. The film that confused legions of children raised in the 90s into thinking a referee uniform constituted high fashion. Here's a taste: “I remember fighting for David Duchovny,” she... Continue Reading →

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