T5F: Favorite Cult Shows

5. Riverdale - CW, 2017 - Present The newest one in the bunch! What a weird, wonderful show. The thing I think I appreciate about any teen show is when it's genuinely well done. Teenagers are, how do I put this lightly, teenagers are dumb- they're unformed adults and they usually have terrible taste; you... Continue Reading →


Character Spotlight: Edina Monsoon

Show: Absolutely Fabulous Character: Edina Monsoon Played By: Jennifer Saunders In a Shot Glass: PR to the Stars Eddie lives in a trendy flat in a trendy area in trendy London with her dull, wet blanket daughter Saffron. Her long-time best friend is magazine editor and former model Patsy Stone (age unknown). Eddie and Patsy... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: TV Vacations

by Judi Whenever a beloved TV show ventures on location, it's a risky business. Aside from the shooting challenges as opposed to the safety of a soundstage, we ask ourselves questions like- do we really want to see Roseanne in natural lighting? The answer, of course, is sometimes. Because when it pays off, you've got... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Maryann Thorpe

by Judi Show: Cybil Character: Maryann Thorpe Played By: Christine Baranski In a Nutshell: Maryann is Cybil (Cybil Shephard)'s best friend, a rich woman made only richer by her alimony checks from her ex-husband, who abruptly dumped her, earning himself the nickname Dr. Dick. Maryann loves drinking, shopping, and excels in The Art of the... Continue Reading →


UGH. Add FOX's decision to create an American version of Absolutely Fabulous to my list of "If it ain't broke, why remake it?" Otherwise known as "Are there REALLY no more original ideas out there, people?" Here's a little insight as to why this will fail miserably...namely, it is impossible to improve upon perfection. Other... Continue Reading →

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