T5F: Underrated Performances

Regina King and Carrie Coons' performances on The Leftovers got us thinking about other criminally underrated performances. 5. Michael Cera as George Michael (Arrested Development) Sometimes, I like to imagine what it was like casting Michael Cera for this show. It had to be a no-brainer, right? "Oh. This is the kid. This is the kid."  He's so... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Short-Lived But Brilliant Shows

by Judi It's inevitable, really. Think about the percentage of people you meet in your life who are actually quirky, interesting and intelligent. Now subtract that number by about a 1,000. That's the percentage of a chance that a television show will be thoughtful, fun, razor-sharp, wonderfully weird AND stay on television for more than... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Lindsay Bluth Funke

by Beal Show:  Arrested Development Character: Lindsay Bluth Funke Actress: Portia de Rossi Basically: Initially we believe Lindsay to be Michael Bluth's twin sister (we find out in season three that she's not only adopted, but three years older than Michael--making her 40--and that she was adopted only to spite the Bluth's business rival, Stan Sitwell). To describe... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Maryann Thorpe

by Judi Show: Cybil Character: Maryann Thorpe Played By: Christine Baranski In a Nutshell: Maryann is Cybil (Cybil Shephard)'s best friend, a rich woman made only richer by her alimony checks from her ex-husband, who abruptly dumped her, earning himself the nickname Dr. Dick. Maryann loves drinking, shopping, and excels in The Art of the... Continue Reading →

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