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5.  30 Rock – NBC Thursdays 9:30/8:30

4.  Cougar Town – ABC Wednesdays 9:30/8:30

3.  Nurse Jackie – Showtime Mondays (Premiers March 22) 10:00/9:00

2.  Parks and Recreation – NBC Thursdays 8:30/7:30

1.  United States of Tara – Showtime Mondays (Premiers March 22) 9:30/8:30

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by Beal

5.  Family Guy “I Dream of Jesus” featuring “Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen (October 5, 2008)

foto-trashmen-surfin-bird-1964jpgIn 1963 this extremely annoying song reached #4 on the American Billboard Hot 100, (forcing me to assume that when it came to entertainment, the people of the 1960’s were none too discerning). After the episode was released in the UK in April 2009, the song reached #50 on the UK charts, a feat it failed to do when it was released in 1963 (when British people apparently still had standards). At any rate, this episode is hilarious (possibly my favorite) and it’s all because of this ridiculous song. Peter hears the song while the Griffins are out to eat at an authentic 50’s diner and the owner/manager allows him to take the record home because they were about to throw it away (with good reason). It quickly becomes Peter’s new favorite thing and the ONLY thing he can focus on. Brian and Stewie steal the record while he’s sleeping and destroy it Office Space style, before going to every record shop in town and scooping up every copy so that they will never have to hear this golden oldie again. You didn’t know about this? So what you’re saying is that you haven’t heard. . .

4.  30 Rock “Larry King” featuring “99 Luftballons” by Nena (February 26, 2009)

album-99-luftballonsCold war era German protest song; Deceased grandmother’s last recording of sentimental lullaby? Nena; Nana? What’s the difference? When mayhem and chaos plague New York City (due to some uneducated drivel Tracy spews during his interview on Larry King Live) Liz Lemon requires an escort to Long Island City to fetch her cell phone, which she left in a cab. She drags Kenneth along and the debate begins as to whether they’re REAL friends or if Liz just uses him when she needs something. (He’s a nice guy and all, but can anyone REALLY be friends with Kenneth?) What Kenneth doesn’t know (apart from all social cues) is that Liz desperately wants to retriever her phone because the cabbie that found it, also found “adult” pictures of Liz on it! Here’s the part where Liz makes up a fantastic lie that involves not only a dead grandmother, but a 26 year old international pop phenomenon.

3.  Cougar Town “Into the Great Wide Open*” featuring “Single Ladies” by Beyonce (September 30, 2009)

BeyonceSingleLadiesThat’s right, a show that’s been on for less than two months is making my list AGAIN. And even though my street cred is about to plummet, I do enjoy a little “Single Ladies” in my life (ask Judi why she does or does not hate this song) ESPECIALLY when it’s used in a montage of shameless candid photos from a night of middle-aged mayhem. Remember how the movie The Hangover kind of sucked, but it redeemed itself during the credits when they showed the photo montage of everything that happened during their collective blackout? Well this scene in Cougar Town is sort of like that, hilarious and fun (but without a two-hour build of up “I wish Vince Vaughn was in this movie”).

2.  The Sarah Silverman Program “Maid to Border aka Brian’s Song” featuring “Two Princes” by The Spin Doctors (November 7, 2007)

51WtXlFSboL._AA240_Brian Posehn and Steve Agee play the unlikely “gay neighbors” on The SSP. This video game/pot/TaB/heavy metal loving duo are hardly your typical gay BFF’s. They’re a bit slovenly, argue all the time and smoke entirely too much marijuana (if that’s possible). What’s important though, is that they know and love each other, or so Steve thought. When Brian starts taking daily walks to “listen to metal on his iPod” Steve becomes a little suspicious. And then he discovers something WONDERFUL: The Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” is the ONLY song on Brian’s iPod. Meaning, he has been listening to this song EXCLUSIVELY for god knows how long, while walking around town skipping to the beat.

Watch clip HERE.

1.  Full House “Joey Gets Tough” featuring “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany (November 25, 1988)

Tiffany-I_Think_We're_Alone_Now-12inNo other pop song is so ingrained in my memory as not a pop song, but the song that “D.J. and Stephanie stayed up late to watch on television.” Talk about being in desperate need of a Tivo! Or hell, a VCR!! When Danny FORBIDS Deej and Steph from staying up late to watch “Tiffany: Live from Tokyo” Joey could have just taped the event, allowing the girls to watch it later. But then we wouldn’t have gotten the angry father catches pajama clad tweens dancing with his irresponsible best friend whom he doesn’t even pay to watch his children. And what time was this damn concert on anyway? She’s “LIVE” from Tokyo, yet, it’s roughly 10 p.m. in San Francisco? That makes it what? 3 p.m. in Tokyo? What kind of shitty mid-afternoon show is this? And who stays up late to see Tiffany “perform” anyway? Couldn’t you just listen to the tape before bed and call it a day? CHILDREN BEEEHAAAAAAAVE. . . .or Joey’s going to GET TOUGH!

*I just noticed that EVERY Cougar Town episode shares its title with a Tom Petty song.

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by Judi

Note: The title for today’s Top Five topic was clearly all Beal. I apologize for the bits of cheese that just flew out of your monitor.

5. Courtney Cox in Friends (1994 – 2004) and Cougar Town (2009)

Picture 1Sometimes, it feels like Courtney Cox has been around FOREVER. That Springsteen video, Family Ties, and then ten years on Friends, the short-lived Dirt on FX and now Cougar Town. I realize that it might be a little immature to count Cougar Town as Cox’s second iconic role but, honestly, I don’t see how we can ignore it. After just four episodes of the ABC’s Wednesday night show, my opinion of Courtney Cox has done a total 180. Not that I didn’t appreciate her character on Friends or anything. Far from it. The statement “she’s a Monica” has saved me on more than one occasion when I find myself trying to describe someone who is completely anal, a control freak and hyper-competitive. I just didn’t know if she could be funny as someone other than the Gellar-Bing we all know and love and sometimes find mildly annoying.

But she is. Jules Cobb, in point of fact, is far funnier and more real than Monica ever was (though both share a manic crazy gene) and Cox is so outrageously perfect in the role that you shouldn’t be surprised if, in a couple of years, we all say, “Monica who?”

4. Rob Lowe in West Wing (1996 – 2006) and Brothers & Sisters (2006 – Present)

Picture 2

This is not the first time on this site where I have to admit that I would watch Rob Lowe do anything (ANYTHING). I don’t care if he’s a dirty tool in real life, I don’t care how many nanny scandals or sex tape disasters he falls into, I don’t care how tanned he gets. I STILL watch that “Visit California” commercial just for those three seconds where he’s sitting on that damned log. I. love him.

I hate when people refer to his “comeback” because, really, his is just a fantastic career trajectory. Teen heartthrob, Brat Pack member, evil doer in now-classic SNL movies like Wayne’s World and Tommy Boy, then a plumb role on West Wing, a few failed pilots and now Brothers & Sisters and movies like The Invention of Lying. And that commercial where he’s sitting on that damned log. He seems to have found his place as a smart, wily, hot politician which is ENDLESSLY preferable to how he could’ve ended up. [Cough- McDreamy- hack- cough.] I’ll take Sam Seaborn and Senator McCallister, thankyouverymuch.

(Ok yes, I only posted this second clip because he’s shirtless. I AM A HUMAN BEING, PEOPLE.)

3. Heather Locklear in Dynasty (1981 – 1989) and Melrose Place (1992 – 1999)

Picture 3

There was a time in the ’90s when, if a TV show was starting to see a drop in ratings, a studio exec would yell, “Get Heather Locklear on the phone!” It’s hilarious that our favorite TV blond bitch has pretty much evolved into the TV equivalent of an emergency adrenaline shot.  Melrose Place needs a Joan Collins-like fix? Get Heather. Spin City suffering without Michael J. Fox? Get Heather. Scrubs needs a foil worthy of Perry Cox? You get the picture.

The guys behind the new, revamped Melrose Place obviously agreed because we’re only a couple of episodes into the first season and Amanda Woodward is already making an appearance. Not that I’m sorry about that in the least. Of all the prime-time soap characters throughout the ’90s, Heather Locklear’s Amanda is the only one fierce enough (yup. Fierce. There is no other word, sorry) to look like she actually would eat her own young for a corner office, which makes her endlessly fun to watch.

Her voice is HILARIOUS in Dynasty. Is she 15? You know that for all her posturing, Joan Collins could just destroy her from that reclining position.

2. Danny DeVito in Taxi (1978 – 1983) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 – Present)

Picture 4

Aw, Danny. Our favorite petite scuzz-ball. On Taxi, he was Louie DePalma- gross, unkempt, lewd and slightly lovable. He secured some classic moments for my favorite cab-centered sitcom. Now, as Frank Reynolds on Sunny, he’s evolved into the kind of creature you find in a shower drain. He’s filthy, his hair’s always standing up and he’s more at home climbing through a disgusting ceiling vent than he is in daylight. God bless him. He  looks like he’s having the time of his life too.

With Taxi, he found a classic comedic role. With Sunny, he’s quickly climbing into cult icon status. How many cast members of the movie Twins can you say that about?

1. Mary Tyler Moore in The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 – 1966) and The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970 – 1977)

Picture 6

And now for something a little different. It isn’t easy jumping from a rat-infested ceiling vent to the Rob and Laura Petrie’s house, but I’m going to do my best.

Of all the classic, black & white sitcoms, The Dick Van Dyke show is by far my favorite. I never get tired of watching it, of Rob’s pratfalls, of Sally and Buddy’s wisecracking in the office and, of course, Mary Tyler Moore’s charming, classy Laura. If I had magical TV powers, I would reach through my TV set and plop Mad Men’s Betty Draper in front of her TV to let her see how Laura Petrie gets it done. It IS, after all, possible to be a stay-at-home wife and still be funny, sexy, and believably cheerful. In her cigarette-pants and Jackie O bob, she’s the Audrey Hepburn of housewives. Even her warbling cry is funny.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, in the ’70s we received spunky, sweet Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, aka TV’s Gift to Mankind, which is still as sharp and funny and adorable as it was thirty years ago. And I’m not just saying that because The Mary Tyler Moore Show pretty much saved me from going insane over my last year of unemployment.  Even though it did. It absolutely did. I don’t know where I would be without Mary Tyler Moore but I know I wouldn’t want to find out.

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by Beal

5.  Cougar Town (2009 – Present) – ABC Wednesdays 9:30

Cougar_TownI’m really going out on a limb here, being that only three episodes of this show have aired, but thus far, it is legitimately laugh-out-loud funny. I definitely sing the praises of Courtney Cox. I think she has some serious comedy chops but, it’s not just her, Christa Miller and Busy Phillips are hilarious too. And even though I think the humor in the term “cougar” is lost on me, the show is really funny. Recently divorced Jules (Cox) was married for 20+ years to an 80’s teenager, Bobby–think Wooderson from Dazed & Confused but more funny, less creepy. Her best friend and next door neighbor Ellie (Miller) hates her own baby Stan (who is not so fond of her either) and didn’t smile at him for the fist couple months because she didn’t want smile lines. She bosses Jules around and since they’ve been friends forever, sitting in, sipping wine and playing Scrabble, among other lame activities, she’s upset at Jules’ burgeoning friendship with Laurie (Phillips) who is her young coworker but, more importantly, drunken club trash. Definitely the best comedy of the Fall 2009 line-up.

4. The Sarah Silverman Program (2007 – Present) – Currently on Hiatus – Comedy Central

sarah-silverman-programI love any show that is described by the guide as “an irreverent comedy” and it doesn’t hurt that it stars the hilarious Sarah Silverman as a more selfish and delusional version of herself, her sister Laura, and stand-up comedians Steve Agee and Brian Posehn as gay lovers/stoners/TaB enthusiasts. This show is reminiscent of my all-time favorite comedy Strangers with Candy in that the lead character (Sarah) gets involved in a hot button issue but no matter how well-meaning she is, she fucks it all up (but in a funny way, of course). From poking fun at abortion, to vigilante terrorist hunting, to homelessness and black face, there isn’t a subject too racy for Silverman and her cohorts to mock. Silverman was even nominated for an Oustanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her portrayal of, well, her bizarro self. Check it out. You might be offended but you’ll laugh.

Check out my favorite scene HERE.

3. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000 – Present) HBO Sundays 9:00


Larry David is probably the funniest man you’d never want to meet. As the creator of Seinfeld, he gives the illusion that his offbeat sense of humor is the best in TV Land. However, in his HBO series, a mockumentary style, fake reality show based on his real life, “offbeat sense of humor” could really be replaced with “off-putting sense of humor.” That said, this show is pee-your-pants kind of funny. There is something wrong with David. To say he lacks social graces is an understatement. He’s hilarious and super witty, but more often than not is so socially inept that much of my laughter is of the nervous variety. “Real” celebrities appear in his show on the regular (as themselves but not necessarily true versions of themselves) and even though they’re his friends, they find his antics to be generally pretty offensive. In every episode, though, when he just barely crosses the line, you can’t help but feel for the guy and then squirm and laugh for the remainder of the program while he awkwardly cleans up his social gaffe. Bonus: The cast of Seinfeld appears in multiple episodes this season (don’t call it a reunion!).

2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 – Present) FX Thursdays 10:00


This is the show that turned network television on its ass. A show that could never exist within the strict confines of “appropriate” found a home on FX in the summer of 2005 and I could not be happier. Touted initially as “Seinfeld on crack” I found myself annoyed at the comparison to the funniest TV foursome of all time. However, these fools are quickly on their way to becoming my favorite four interacting characters on television, ever. This dim-witted gang, made up of siblings Dennis and Dee, idiot Mac and mildly retarded Charlie come up with the greatest half-brained schemes I’ve ever seen. Throw in Danny Devito as the more-than-fucked up father figure and I spend a solid 30 minutes laughing my balls off. Totally original plot lines blended with a lot of ridiculously wonderful ad-libbing and a lack of morals or concern for human life make this the second funniest show on television.

1. 30 Rock (2006 – Present) NBC – Premiers October 15 – 9:30


It should come as no surprise that this is the funniest show currently on television. After all, it DID just win an Emmy for it, as well as dozens more in the past three years for its overwhelming hilarity. Last year, Tina Fey entered the hearts and minds of millions of Americans for the first time with her DEAD ON impersonation of idiot VP candidate Sarah Palin, but here at NTO, we’ve been loving her for the past three years as Liz Lemon, producer of TGS on 30 Rock (and for years prior as head writer/Weekend Update regular on SNL). Seriously, TGFTF (Thank God for Tina Fey). Not only did she create and write the funniest show on television, but she got Alec Baldwin to star in it. Now, say what you want about this guy’s personal life or acting career, but you can’t deny that he was BORN to play the role of Jack Donaghy, funniest man on television. This show seriously has more one liners and catch phrases than any show since Seinfeld (yes, I am aware that I’ve no mentioned Seinfeld three times, but it’s the gold standard by which all other comedies are judged). And Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), holy shit! He did nothing for me on SNL and I think he’s mostly playing himself, but I’m okay with that because he’s a riot, a first class idiot for me to laugh with. I wish that something I could say or write would do this show justice, but it won’t, so just trust me and watch it already.

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by Beal

6a00d8341bfc7553ef011571257e72970b-800wiHello favorite new show (so far) of the season! Cougar Town is legitimately laugh out loud funny. I was worried. Let’s face it- at this point calling middle-aged women who sleep with younger men “cougars” is about as funny and original as chimps in business suits. Maybe it garnered a chuckle or two at one point but now it’s low-brow and embarrassing. However, the folks over at Cougar Town are fully aware of this, which makes it okay. I think. The show isn’t so much “Isn’t it funny that older women are sexing themselves up and prowling for young men” as much as it’s “Isn’t it ridiculous that people get such a kick out of so-called cougars?”

In the first scene, a little Monica Gellar was present but by mid-show, Courtney Cox seemed comfortable as Jules Cobb, real estate agent, divorcee, mother of teenage son. Actually, that was kind of weird, seeing Monica in a big, suburban, adult home as opposed to a PURPLE (come on, you’re in your 30’s, ladies) two-bedroom apartment. Much of the humor was very Scrubsian, as well it should be, as they share  creator Bill Lawrence. His wife, Christa Miller, whom you might recognize from Scrubs and/or The Drew Carey Show plays Jules’ BFF/neighbor Ellie. As a fan of Cox and Miller, I am excited for the two to join forces in the name of comedy. Oh, and for good measure, let’s throw in a little Busy Phillips.

Cougar Town - Cox/Phillips

Hilarity ensues as Jules becomes closer to her younger co-worker Laurie (Phillips) in the wake of her divorce from “pro” golfer Bobby who now mows the lawn (shirtless, hilariously air drumming to “Slow Ride”) at his son’s school. Laurie forces Jules out of her routine (drinking wine and playing Scrabble with Ellie) and into the clubs. One of the funniest lines of the episode was a total throw away before Laurie and Jules entered the club. To the bouncer she said, “Wow. You are reeeeally black. It’s so handsome on you.” Soon she finds herself awkwardly hitting on a young guy, who shows up at her door a few hours later, courtesy of Laurie. “You left this at the bar, bitch!” I look forward to the rest of the season. Let’s hope the pilot wasn’t a fluke.

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