T5F: Most ‘WTF?’ Episodes in Television History (Cont’d)

Note: I haven't read Beal's yet so there may be some repeats on this list or there might not be. I'm saving her list as my "you wrote your post, good job" treat. Here we go. The most WTF episodes I've ever experienced. 5. Lost - "Do No Harm" (2005) There were a number of genuine "WTF... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Snow Related Plot Devices

Oh, snow. You crafty bastard. Always using your wiles in the most inconvenient ways. You show yourself at the most inopportune times, blanketing our fake towns in fluffy white mush (that is CLEARLY not real snow), stranding our favorite fictional characters in cars and cabins and forcing dramatic, and sometimes hilarious, confrontations. You are cold,... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Barney Stinson

by Judi Show: How I Met Your Mother Character: Barney Stinson Played By the Legendary: Neil Patrick Harris In a Catchphrase: Barney Stinson likes women. He likes women, cigars, making up rules about life, catchphrases, sleeping with women, hitting on women, having and being a wingman, working at Goliath National Bank, being awesome, and suits,... Continue Reading →

In TV World, September is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

by Judi As a kid, I loved September because I was a giant nerd who enjoyed shopping for school supplies. As an adult, September is really all about television and thus, a reason to celebrate. What shows (both new and returning) am I most looking forward to? I'm so GLAD you ASKED.* Glee (New) When:... Continue Reading →

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