T5F: Cast Members Who Were Never Voted Most Likely to Succeed. . .but DID (Continued)

Some people are on a TV show because they clearly have presence- you can tell within seconds of watching ER that George Clooney should be a movie star. Others are on the show because they had previously broken through in some big way, Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. It felt like a challenge to think of actors who were... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Top Five Comedies To Watch Now

by Judi It might seem like we're stuck in the past over here in NTO Headquarters, throwing around clips of Bewitched and Beverly Hills 90210 and references to My So-Called Life and such but make no mistake- we're just as obsessed with the new TV shows as we are the classics. That's why, today, we're... Continue Reading →

Bloopers/Gag Reels/Outtakes

by Beal Although Home Improvement was never really one of my favorite shows (and don't get me wrong, I watched A LOT of it, it just never struck a chord) what I did always appreciate, is that at the end of the show, after the final commercial break, instead of employing the classic, credits rolling one... Continue Reading →

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