Top Five Fridays: Favorite TV Couples

5. Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell No other couple exemplifies the early 90's quite like Zack and Kelly. Whaaaaat was going on here? Sometimes they were dating, sometimes she was dancing with older men at The Attic, and sometimes Zack was secretly making out with Lisa in her bedroom (what a bitch!).... Continue Reading →


Top Five Friday: Christmas Episodes

Ohhh The CHRISTMAS episode. Will it be heartwarming? Will it remind me of how important family and friends are? Will I learn that expensive presents and lavish parties should take a back seat to helping mankind? Or for once, will I be glad I'm not a fiasco/tragedy/calamity prone TV family whose belief in the spirit... Continue Reading →

Top Five Friday’s: Burst into Song (Continued)

5. Monica onĀ Friends "The One Where Monica Sings" (2003) Alright so technically Monica doesn't have to sing, but I'm still keeping this on my list, for several reasons. The first being Paul Rudd as Phoebe's boyfriend, Mike, who works at the piano bar where Monica chooses to perform a little ditty. He's hilarious and as... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Lisa Turtle

by Beal Show: Saved by the Bell Character: Lisa Turtle Actor: Lark Voorhies Basically: Simply put, Lisa Turtle is the rich girl/fashion whore of this "typical" high school friend group and moonlights as the token black girl at Bayside. (Fun fact: Lisa was originally written as a JAP, but after seeing Lark's audition, she was... Continue Reading →

Holy Stacey Carosi

by Judi A couple of things about this: 1) That's kind of COLD for Jimmy Fallon. What's next? He's going to propose a reunion of Blue Oyster Cult, only to have them all show up at Horatio Sanz's house instead? 2) Nice cropping of Screech and Mr. B. whose creepiness, indeed, has increased exponentially since... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays! Continued. . .

by Beal 5. Friends "The One with Ross's Wedding: Part I" (1998) I am aware that by including an episode of Friends in a list of top anything greatly reduces my credibility as a television aficionado, but go ahead and chastise me, this episode was great. The ENTIRE cast (sans Phoebe, who was super pregnant,... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays! Continued…

by Judi 1. Saved By the Bell- "Jessie's Song" (1990) There's a reason why this Saved By The Bell episode is possibly the most famous "Very Special Episode" in sitcom history (so much so that it prompted a mention in Beal's overview of today's topic) and nothing encapsulates the After School Special/Over-Dramatic Ridiculousness of Jessie... Continue Reading →

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