Top Five Fridays! Today’s Topic: Very Special Episodes

by Beal Like it or not, the Very Special Episode is a staple of American television. It’s intention is to teach the audience a SERIOUS moral lesson or bring a controversial social issue to life on screen, but the end result is more often than not, a campy, nearly un-watchable display of poor acting followed... Continue Reading →


“Lopez Mania”

How is this possible? A) that I didn't know True Hollywood Story covered A.C. Slater and B) that anyone could fill an entire hour with Mario Lopez information. The career highlights of Mario Lopez should take no longer than 15 minutes to watch--five minutes of chair spinning, wrestling outfit wearing, jericurl sporting, homoerotic dancing Saved by... Continue Reading →

Uh Oh

I just discovered that Netflix's Watch Instantly has a whole Sitcoms area. They have Charlies in Charge. AND Gimme a Break. Kate & Allie. COACH. They even distinguished the Hayley Mills- Saved By the Bell episodes as "Good Morning Miss Bliss Season 1". I almost wept in appreciation. I also can't stop watching these Gladys... Continue Reading →

Grounded for Life

In the grand tradition of weekend sitcoms ("Saved By The Bell", my personal favorite "California Dreams", "City Guys", "One World"- oh, my God "One World" was so, so bad) I give you "Grounded for Life," which actually used to be on primetime, I have no idea where or when, but now pretty much only exists... Continue Reading →

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