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by Beal

sherri_tv_show_premier_lifetimeSo I just made the mistake of voluntarily watching Lifetime’s newest original sitcom, Sherri starring perpetual “guest” star/host Sherri Shepherd. Yes, I know it was a bad idea to begin with, but Rita Rocks is quickly becoming one of my favorite low-rent programs, and so I though I’d give Sherri the benefit of the doubt. Bad idea.

Forget about Shepherd (I actually think she’s pretty tolerable, please see clips below) this show is a TREASURE TROVE of has beens from sitcoms past. Hello there, Malcolm Jamal Warner, life hasn’t been so good since The Cosby Show ended huh Theo? Now you’re playing Sherri Shepherd’s ex-husband on a two-bit Lifetime original SITCOM? I expected more from you. However, however, it wasn’t nearly as upsetting as witnessing an aged Uncle Phil playing father to Sherri instead of Hillary, Carlton, Ashley and that kid that played Buckwheat in The Little Rascals. And as a final, seriously have these losers just been waiting on studio lots for a job since their shows were cancelled, the black guy from Spin City plays the role of her latest love interest. I just can’t handle this! Uncle Phil, Theo, Spin City guy, I didn’t want to have to remember you like this, but now I have to. I’m sorry that ratings dropped on the golden goose that was your 90’s claim to fame, but you should have bowed out gracefully instead of negating my assumption that you had retired and now live comfortably on royalties in a lovely home in the hills of L.A. Seriously, if you can’t make ends meet with your credentials, then what hope does Sherri Shepherd have?

Also sad: Sherri’s character is a paralegal by day and an actress/comedienne by night, that’s fine. But what’s not fine? That they needed to mention her “appearance on 30 Rock” not once, not twice, but THREE times in one half hour and throw in an Alec Baldwin joke. Leave the Holy Grail out of this alright! Thank your lucky stars that you got to work with the best in the business and move on with your life.

That said, Sherri Shepherd can be pretty funny. Roll clip:

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