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Why did I make myself wait so long to enjoy The United States of Tara on Showtime?? This program took essentially ZERO convincing for me to watch once I paid attention to it’s credentials. Let’s see, FIRST it’s created and written by Diablo Cody the Oscar for best screenplay winning writer of Juno. It’s produced by Steven Spielberg (the real one). And it stars Toni Collete, whom I’ve liked in EVERYTHING she’s ever been in. Seriously, she’s like a Winslet or Blanchett, even if the material isn’t great, she makes it great (maybe I just really love British people?) In The U.S. of Tara though, the material is fabulous.

Diablo Cody.preview

The show is about Tara (Collette) and her struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder and raising a somewhat dysfunctional family. She’s married to Max (Jon Corbett)  (I still don’t know if I like this guy, but why does he always play the role of guy who loves women despite/in spite of their EXTREME flaws?) and she has two teenage kids, a slutty girl and a gay boy, both of which are great. Tara has at least “three” alters, and a new one emerging. Buck, my personal favorite, is a Vietnam Vet, trucker hat wearing, chain smoker who cleans his gun on the reg and beats up Tara’s daughter’s boyfriend. Alice is a Stepford Wife. T is a 16 year old slut and the newest one has yet to really be identified (I’ve still got four episodes left of Season 1. Seriously, I watched eight in a row yesterday, I couldn’t stop.)

Other MAJOR highlights include:

1. Alice the perfect 50’s wife always wears pinafores. Tara “comes back” and is upset that she had spent days as Alice (she doesn’t remember anything about the times she’s not herself). Expressing how much she dislikes Alice, Tara makes a reference to her appearance, saying she “looks like the robot from Small Wonder.” At that moment I knew I was in love, with this show, and with Diablo Cody.

2. Patton Oswalt plays Max’s best friend and business partner, whose generally too hungover to come to work. He’s funny, and I like him.

3. Tara and Max’s gay son, has a love interest at school. WHO IS PLAYED BY ANDREW LAWRENCE. 

4. Andrew Lawrence is involved in a gay kiss and I believe there to be potential for more homosexual love scenes. (Must I say it? I have to.) WHOA!

5.  And last but not least Showtime, is $5 from Comcast right now. FIVE DOLLARS. Five. This is one of those times where I can actually, honestly say, that for “less than the price of one cup of Starbucks, you too can enjoy Showtime from the privacy of your home.” For a whole month, which is plenty of time to watch the entire first season, as well as next week’s premier of Weeds, among other things.

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With the unseasonably warm weather drawing me outdoors this week, I’ve missed out on a great deal of fabulous television, however anything important that I missed over the past week, was picked up by the miracle that is DVR. Still, not even DVR can bring back the shows I really miss. In no particular order, here are my top ten favorite shows I can’t find anywhere (cable, Internet, DVD:

1. Just the Ten of Us

2. The Jetsons

3. thirtysomething

4. Small Wonder

5. The Wonder Years

6. I’m Telling

7. Salute Your Shorts

8. Duckman

9. Murphy Brown (only season 1 was ever released on DVD)

10. Mr. Belvedere

I’m sure there are many many more that both time and I have forgotten, but for now, I’d love nothing more than a one day marathon of each of the above shows to appear on TNT or the USA network, or for the love of god on Hulu or DVD.


Ok, first of all- I REALLY miss Just the Ten of Us too and seeing this old commercial my brother sent me just makes me miss it more…

Second of all, I cannot believe thirtysomething nor Murphy Brown are not on DVD. I’m reeling in shock and dismay over here. Remember when the TV Gods bowed down to Murphy Brown? (Wow, I really regret that sentence).

My List could be on DVD but really needs to go back to syndication (aka Free)

1. Boy Meets World

2. Hey Dude

3. Taxi

4. California Dreams

5. Fifteen

6. Welcome Freshmen

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to do a little more panicked research on the possibility of a Moonlighting movie…

– Judi

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