Character Spotlight: Cody Lambert

Show: Step by Step Character: Cody Lambert Actor: Sasha Mitchell* Duuu-uuddde: Wow. Could there be a greater stock "mimbo" (Seinfeld anyone?) than Cody Lambert, Frank (Patrick Duffy) Lambert's misbegotten nephew on the TGIF family classic Step by Step? This guy is ridiculous!! Basically a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle personified, this twenty something, awkward arm moving,... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Crossover Madness (Continued)

by Beal 5. Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas Cross in "What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston" (2004) This is a prime example of NBC trying to boost ratings on two absolute B-list shows. Even I didn't watch Las Vegas, but as the one and only fan of Crossing JordanĀ I was admittedly a little bit... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: Crossover Madness

by Judi Oh, the CROSSOVER. Jack Doneghy, I'm sure, loves the concept of the TV crossover being such a fan of things like "synergy" and "product integration", "pro-menz" (that's "positive mention" to you, little buddy) and "making lots of money." After all, what better way to get your TV loving public to excitedly clap their... Continue Reading →

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