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Show: Step by Step

Character: Cody Lambert

Actor: Sasha Mitchell*

Duuu-uuddde: Wow. Could there be a greater stock “mimbo” (Seinfeld anyone?) than Cody Lambert, Frank (Patrick Duffy) Lambert’s misbegotten nephew on the TGIF family classic Step by Step? This guy is ridiculous!! Basically a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle personified, this twenty something, awkward arm moving, weird step taking moron lives IN A VAN in his uncle’s driveway. That’s right. He lives in a van. In his uncle’s driveway. He’s dimwitted at best, but, BUT never hesitates to teach the whole clan (or the guys at the lodge or AMERICA) a heartfelt moral lesson, but never without the overuse of early 90’s catchphrases.

Ch-Yea!: Can you believe this guy was a former Calvin Klein model? Seriously THIS GUY was a Calvin Klein model. I guess he is pretty attractive, but because Dana so steadfastly rejected his advances, I, as a home viewer, was forced to relate to her, and be absolutely disgusted by his being–in reality, I’m an Al, but that would make Cody my cousin, I’ll leave it at that. Now, that said, imagine that you’re the mother of TWO “beautiful” teenaged daughters. (One of which who could not look LESS like the entire rest of your brood). At any rate, you marry a hot contractor, and your families blend. Would you or would you not allow your new husband’s creeper, blockhead nephew to take up residence in his rock & roll van in your driveway? AND make daily passes at your underage daughter? Food for thought.

Seriously, DUUU-UDE: What? So I love me some Cody Lambert. Perhaps it’s because the thought of owning a vehicle I could live in still intrigues me, but also because he totally embodies everything the 1990’s  had to offer, including black jeans and open flannels. “Chhhh-yyyeaaaah” was his response to nearly anything, and do you remember his facial expressions? I wish you could see me looking at my screen right now, because they’re DEAD ON! Look super dumb and confused about the simplest request/comment, quickly change face to utter delight, laugh like a stoner heartily, say something like “totally,” “rad,” “no waayy,” or any combination thereof.

*Ready to have your mind BLOWN? This guy is 42 years old now. FORTY TWO!!!!

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by Beal

5. Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas Cross in “What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston” (2004)

NUP_105415_0701This is a prime example of NBC trying to boost ratings on two absolute B-list shows. Even I didn’t watch Las Vegas, but as the one and only fan of Crossing Jordan I was admittedly a little bit stoked when the powers that be decided to blend these two sort-of crime dramas into one big case that spanned two episodes, one of each show. Now, first of all, Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessey) is a medical examiner in Boston, where she has NO JURISDICTION outside of medical examination. 18845379Similarly Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) and Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil) who work in a Vegas casino, obviously have no jurisdiction anywhere outside of that casino, let alone in a different city, in a different state. Vigilante folks, vigilante. Anyway, some high roller from Vegas dies on an airplane headed towards Boston, and Jordan, Danny and Sam join forces with Det. Woody Hoyt (Jerry O’Connell, could this crime busting team get any better? I submit that it cannot.) and solve the crime. Also Woody and Sam hook up, and Woody appears in at least four more episodes of Las Vegas, which clearly did nothing for ratings, as both shows were soon canned. (Note: I seriously LOVE Crossing Jordan and will expand on this at a later date.)


4. Detective John Munch arrests the Lone Gunmen in on The X-Files “Unusual Suspects” (1997)

r_belzerDetective John Munch (Richard Belzer)  is a walking crossover. The role of Det. Munch originated on Homicide: Life on the Streets and nearing the end of its run, Munch appeared in a 1997 episode of The X-Files. Due to a busy shooting schedule (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were filming for both the show and the feature film) writers decided to do a special episode about the Lone Gunmen and how they met. To get to the flashback though, the oddball trio were arrested in Baltimore and questioned by none other than Detective Munch. A year later, Homicide was cancelled and Munch was transferred to New York City and the latest Law & Order spinoff, Special Victims Unit. While portraying the same character YET AGAIN, Belzer also appeared in two other L&W franchise programs (Trial by Jury and plain), The Wire and Arrested Development. I find it odd, that a character this nondescript could transcend space and time to appear in so many programs. I bet when SVU is cancelled the actual LAPD assign him to some kind of task force.

3. The Sitcom Moms visit Roseanne Conner in “All About Rosey” (1995)

lookalikeroseanne16496roseanneI’m not sure if this technically counts as a “crossover” since every character that crossed over’s show had long since been off the air, but still, this crappy clip show is what I will consider a crossover extravaganza featuring not one, but FIVE different crossed characters from FIVE different television shows including June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, Ruth Martin from Lassie, Norma Arnold from The Wonder Years, Weezy from The Jeffersons and then that other lady who according to IMDB is from Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (1965-1967). Yes I recognize that this was a lame gimmick during an otherwise not great era of my favorite TV show, but fine, uncle, I was totally pumped that these five TV mom’s came together in the Conner kitchen and were forced out of their comfort zones and into that of the “Domestic Goddess.”

Roseanne: One time, I found some old reefer in the basement.
June Cleaver: Reefer?
Roseanne: Ask Eddie Hascal…anyway I thought it belonged to David, he’s the boy who sleeps with my daughter. But it turned out it was MY old pot! 

2. The Jetsons Meet the Flinstones (1987)

There is no reason I should glean as much as much joy from this cheap stunt Hanna-Barbera pulled back in the late 80’s, but something about time travel and mixing the space age and the stone age with corporate intrigue entertains me. And as if it wasn’t enough that the futuristic gadget-laden Jetsons made their way back in time, wouldn’t you know it, an error in the time machine would bring the cave-dwelling Flinstones into the future! Imagine that! I also always love that upon first meeting both parties believed the others to be aliens, because that makes sense. The Jetsons don’t even know where they landed, wouldn’t they assume it was earth, especially when the “aliens” were speaking English? As for the Flinstones, they were barely bi-pedal, so I won’t fault them for their stupidity. The fact that Judy Jetson wanted to get away from her rockstar boyfriend because he was spending too much time with groupies only bolsters my opinion of this excellent MFTV crossover program.


1. Steve Urkel takes Al to the dance on Step by Step “The Dance” (1991)

I am a sucker for any episode of any show featuring a school dance and the requisite disappointment and self-esteem deflation that comes along with it. In this classic episode of Step by Step tomboy Al is asked to the dance by the hot pitcher on her baseball team. Guess what’s going to happen next. . .Oh yes, of course, he decides to go with a different, prettier, more popular girl, leaving Al dateless and depressed, that is until Steve Urkel steps up to the plate (enough with the baseball references already). I mean, who better to really stick it to the hot popular guy with, than some stereotypically nerdy, high-waters wearing, squeeky voiced friend of your half-brother’s whose affinity for cheese is tantamount to his ability to RUIN everything he touches, but in a hilarious slapstick kind of way of course? Well, the night of the dance, Al is dressed to the nines in a lovely early nineties floral number and she and Urkel are going to have some fun, show you how it’s done TGIF! (I totally just said that.) Bonus points for a guided dance-along!

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by Judi

Oh, the CROSSOVER. Jack Doneghy, I’m sure, loves the concept of the TV crossover being such a fan of things like “synergy” and “product integration”, “pro-menz” (that’s “positive mention” to you, little buddy) and “making lots of money.” After all, what better way to get your TV loving public to excitedly clap their hands and buy even more bags of Baked Lays than an episode of their favorite TV show starring people from their OTHER favorite TV shows. FUN FOR ALL, I dare say.

5. Dana from Step By Step helps Corey on Boy Meets World via dolphin in “The Happiest Show on Earth” (1996)

TGIF loved and I mean loved the crossover episodes. There was Urkel on Full House, Salem the cat from Sabrina running through all of the TGIF programs wreaking havoc on the sitcom space-time-continuum, and my favorite- Dana from Step by Step on Boy Meets World. True, she’s on for one scene and doesn’t say much but what she does say is enough to convince Corey that he’s still in love with Topanga. And she does this all through dolphins. Next to a dolphin tank. By telling him a story about dolphins. While they pet and feed dolphins. Dana sure is convincing. I hope she went into sales and is now so rich, she can by and sell JT. (And yes, I also hope she’s married to Cody. Shut up.)

4. Frasier Crane ruins Helen’s life again on Wings in “Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes” (1992)

There were actually two Cheers and Wings overlaps, the other one being Cliff and Norm visiting Nantucket to go on a fishing trip but then they just go to the Sidecar and drink for two days. On “Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes”, Cheers regulars Dr. Frasier Crane and his wife Lilith appear to do a seminar that Frasier’s devised about enriching your life (called amusingly The Crane Train to Mental Well-Being). The only problem is that Helen Chapel, recently back from a disastrous stint in New York City where she tried to become a cellist and ended up as a waitress as a strip club, took that same seminar in New York and blames it and Crane for all of her problems since then. The episode ends in a typical sitcommy way with all the Wings characters screaming at each other at the seminar and one of Frasier’s signature raspy “You people!” rants that we all so love. I enjoyed this episode so much when I caught the repeat last year, mostly because it reminded me of my sincere love for Lilith and her deadpan delivery.

3. George and Noah and Monica and Rachel on Friends in “The One With Two Parts” (1995)

It’s funny. I just realized a pattern here- the shows that used the crossover once more often than not used it several times. Friends is a solid example. We all remember (naturally- why would you be here if this were all new information?) that Mad About You‘s ditsy waitress Ursula is Phoebe Buffay’s twin sister, forcing a confused M.A.Y. Jamie and her friend Fran to mistakenly come to Central Perk and hassle Phoebe about getting them coffee.

Ok, so technically I’m cheating here. George and Noah weren’t playing their ER counterparts but really, come on. It’s a great episode, they’re CLEARLY playing off their ER characters and it includes one of my most favorite, rarely used sitcom gimmicks ever- Monica and Rachel have swapped identities because Rachel has sprained her ankle and lacks insurance so the cute doctors think each is the other. And then they get into a fight. (How did they pick who got George, btw? I mean, I love me some Librarian and all but being the one who gets George is cause enough for a fight to the death itself)

2. Lara Flynn Boyle tells Ally McBeal to eat a cookie in “Making Spirits Bright” (1998)

Usually, crossover happen because of a shared network but they tend to happen more frequently when they also share a creator. And no, I don’t mean the sweet baby Jesus. I mean David E. Kelley. Ok, to some of you, that IS the sweet baby Jesus, but around here he’s the guy who just really likes quirky urban lawyers and piano bars.

This nifty little cameo featuring Lara Flynn Boyle as her Practice attorney Helen Gamble sizing up bobble-headed Ally McBeal was inevitable, considering the media broohaha at the time regarding the fact that both actresses were in desperate need of a few trips to Arby’s and the aforementioned bags of Baked Lays. Oh yeah, and that whole thing about Ally’s skirts being too short. All wrapped up neatly in a thirty-second shot that really makes me want to get a cookie of my own.

1. Buffy drops in on Angel in “I Will Remember You” (1999)

It was a natural enough occurrence that the regulars on Joss Whedon’s Buffy would make an appearance on spin-off Angel. Angel would, after all, be nothing more than a glimmer in his big daddy’s eye if it weren’t for our favorite pint-sized slayer. In this episode, Buffy shows up for a reason I can’t remember off the top of my head and almost immediately helps Angel slay a big baddie, whose green slime accidentally turns Angel human.

The former couple agree that they won’t let this affect them, this sudden turn of events that they’ve both been wishing for since they met when Buffy was sixteen and Angel a spry 300 years old.  That naturally lasts about ten minutes and they end up going at it on Angel’s kitchen table. The ensuing scenes are pretty much everything we, the loyal Buffy audience (at least, those of us with girlie parts) have ever wanted- Angel discovering the joys of peanut butter and chocolate TOGETHER, ice cream, sunlight and being able to be with Buffy without turning into, you know, a total, murderous monster who likes killing her friends. Sadly, it doesn’t last. He’s a weak human now and can’t protect himself or her (not that she needs it but I guess after 300+ years, a sudden identity crisis would be pretty hard to overcome) so he goes to the Powers That Be and asks to be made vampire again. They agree to turn back the clocks, with the worst after-effect being that Buffy won’t remember their time together at all. And sure enough, even though she tearfully promises to remember everything, she doesn’t and soon stalks off the show back to Sunnydale.

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