Great Moments #12

Clip: The Trip Back PSA Moment: You should just really watch the whole thing. See if it reminds you of any of our Worst Dresser winners...


Top Five Fridays: TV’s Worst Dressers

The Wardrobe Department of a television series has an Important Job. After all, "clothes make the man." In this case, they could very well make the character. The character's outfits provide us with an immediate impression of the person behind the clothes. Sometimes, that is a very, very, bad, seriously, oh my God, so bad... Continue Reading →

Tammi Littlenut – In PRIMETIME!

So nothing I say would do justice to 30 Rock. It's the funniest show on television, and probably one of the funniest shows of all time, which is why I generally refrain from commenting on it, it's better than me. Today I finally got to last Thursday's episode, and who guest starred as Kenneth's Valentine's... Continue Reading →

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