T5F: Spin-Offs

5. The Facts of Life If you grew up in the '80s, you either fell right into the Diff'rent Strokes sweet spot or Facts of Life. I was definitely in the Facts of Life camp. And let's be honest, the premise for Facts of Life seems a bit safer than its predecessor- a rich, old white... Continue Reading →


T5F: Shows That Deserve a Reboot (Continued)

I'm a little late so this is really a Top 5 Saturday Morning. You'll be happy to know that I got out of work early yesterday and literally watched television for 7 hours so while I don't have an excuse for not writing this, at least I was watching TV so I'm staying on-brand. That's... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Blair Warner

Show: The Facts of Life Character: Blair Warner Played By: Lisa Whelchel Oh, Blair: Spoiled rich kid Blair was my FAVORITE Facts of Life character and so, I will not BESMIRCH (best word ever) her divine character. Too much. Because she really was basically a spoiled cow.  Oh, and kind of a huge bitch. I... Continue Reading →

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