Top Five Fridays: TV’s WORST Dressers (Continued)

by Beal 5. Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld (1989 - 1998) At first glance, Jerry's wardrobe isn't that aesthetically offensive, but take a closer look. First of all, Jerry, I thought you were a native New Yorker, but nothing says "I'm Canadian and have no pride" quite like the entirely denim outfits you insist on wearing... Continue Reading →


2.5 Men

Apart from my mother, I can't name one fan of Two and a Half Men. Probably because it's terrible. However, come Emmy time, this show rarely goes unnoticed. I don't get it. Am I to believe that women are attracted to the Charlie Sheen character? He wears calf-length socks with slip on shoes and Tiki... Continue Reading →

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