T5F: Underrated Performances

Regina King and Carrie Coons' performances on The Leftovers got us thinking about other criminally underrated performances. 5. Michael Cera as George Michael (Arrested Development) Sometimes, I like to imagine what it was like casting Michael Cera for this show. It had to be a no-brainer, right? "Oh. This is the kid. This is the kid."  He's so... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Shows That Have Appeared Since We Disappeared (Continued)

Honorable mentions: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Atlanta, Fargo, Justified, Orange is the New Black, The Good Wife, Transparent, House of Cards, Silicon Valley, True Detective, Mr. Robot, This is Us (aka all shows that are buzzy and/or amazing since 2010 that I've seen at least one episode or one season or occasionally read a recap, just... Continue Reading →

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