T5F: Most Obnoxious Characters

If I were stuck in an elevator with any of these characters, I'd be clawing my way through the ceiling vents. 5. Vicki Groener (Kathy Griffin) Suddenly Susan (1996 - 2000) I'll admit to finding Kathy Griffin reasonably charming as a human being. There's an honest, scrappy quality to her that I can respect (recent transgressions notwithstanding)... Continue Reading →


T5F: Most ‘WTF?’ Episodes in Television History (Cont’d)

Note: I haven't read Beal's yet so there may be some repeats on this list or there might not be. I'm saving her list as my "you wrote your post, good job" treat. Here we go. The most WTF episodes I've ever experienced. 5. Lost - "Do No Harm" (2005) There were a number of genuine "WTF... Continue Reading →

Ok, Leverage, YOU WIN

I like you. Are you happy? Despite a few glitches (like that guy on the left who has popped up on and off for the last ten years and, I honestly, have come to despise him. Yes, you, guy from Angel and that one episode of Dawsons Creek and the super annoying ex-boyfriend in Just... Continue Reading →

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