Top Five Fridays: Short-Lived but Brilliant (Continued)

by Beal I cannot express how truly difficult dwindling this category down to a mere five programs was for me, but I did my best. So many great shows were savagely canned, ripped from the airwaves and crushed by the powers that be, despite their super-potential. Perhaps I shouldn't get so upset about TV cancellations... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Life Threatening Predicaments (Continued. . .)

by Beal 5. The O.C. - Kirsten's car accident - "The Showdown" (2005) No matter how hard this show tried (and it did, and I appreciated it) it could never compare to Beverly Hills, 90210, but oh how it tried. I was highly fascinated by Kirsten Cohen's budding alcoholism, seemed a perfect story line for... Continue Reading →

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