T5F: Cast Members Who Were Never Voted Most Likely to Succeed. . .but DID (Continued)

Some people are on a TV show because they clearly have presence- you can tell within seconds of watching ER that George Clooney should be a movie star. Others are on the show because they had previously broken through in some big way, Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. It felt like a challenge to think of actors who were... Continue Reading →


T5F: Shows That Deserve a Reboot (Continued)

I'm a little late so this is really a Top 5 Saturday Morning. You'll be happy to know that I got out of work early yesterday and literally watched television for 7 hours so while I don't have an excuse for not writing this, at least I was watching TV so I'm staying on-brand. That's... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: Halloween-isodes

by Beal There are very few (if any) holidays that are as inherently zany as Halloween. From the boatloads of candy to the low rent pranks to the costumes (oohh the costumes!), not to mention all the scary stuff, this spooky pagan holiday is ready made screwball entertainment and I for one LOVE IT. Seriously,... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Bill Haverchuck

by Beal Show: Freaks & Geeks Character: Bill Haverchuck Actor: Martin Starr In a nut shell: Bill is one third of the "geek" trio. He's traditionally geeky looking, tall for his age, extra skinny, hunkered down posture and giant glasses. He's a mouth breather, allergic to everything, but especially peanuts. He, like his best friends... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: Short-Lived But Brilliant Shows

by Judi It's inevitable, really. Think about the percentage of people you meet in your life who are actually quirky, interesting and intelligent. Now subtract that number by about a 1,000. That's the percentage of a chance that a television show will be thoughtful, fun, razor-sharp, wonderfully weird AND stay on television for more than... Continue Reading →

Top Five Fridays: TV Friends

by Beal No cast of would be complete with out a requisite "best friend" character. This person can come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually possess similar traits. By and large, the BFF is slightly less attractive than the main character (or in the event that they're prettier, they're much dumber), spunky, eccentric... Continue Reading →

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