T5F: Ultimate Episodes We Love

The theme this Friday is ultimate episodes... basically, the episode of a show that is both exceptional on its own and completely embodies what the show is all about. There are fantastic episodes of television that I've enjoyed that work in part because the show took a huge risk and stepped outside of itself for... Continue Reading →


Top Five Friday: 5 Shows You Should Be Watching in 2010

So. There's good news and there's bad news. The GOOD news is that there are some fantastical, magical, should-be-riding-on-unicorns shows on television in 2010. Some of those babies are so adored and beloved that their safety is secure. The bad news is that because of your neglect (yes, you. It's your fault. I have a... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Matt Saracen

Show: Friday Night Lights Character: Matt Saracen Played By: Zach Gilford Basically: In the pilot episode of NBC's completely undervalued, critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights high school football superstar and All-American quarterback Jason Street (Dillon, TX's answer to Tom Brady in that Tom Brady is the only real football player I know) is paralyzed during... Continue Reading →

Dear NBC

by Judi Really? You're keeping Heroes but you might not renew Medium? REALLY? It's like finding shit on your shoe and THROWING OUT THE SHOE. Who does that? You'll bring back Law & Order: SVU but maybe without Benson and Stabler? Really? You think that's really going to work? Do you think we watch that... Continue Reading →


A 2-season renewal for Friday Night Lights? PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE TRUE! - Judi

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